Pointless Introduction
Hello, all. My name is Courtney, and you are (duh) reading Defenestration, my first e-zine. I hope that you are enjoying it, and even more than that, I hope that it is making you think or making you laugh. I also hope that this becomes a regular section, where I can rant/rave about whatever is floating around in my mind. In a thoughtless act of ripping off some dead guy, I have titled it

Do As I Say, Not As I Do
The Part of Defenestration Where Courtney Rants and People Ignore Her

Hello, all! Today we are going to discuss subcultures. What, you ask, are these subcultures? Where may I purchase one? Do they come with warranties? And are they popular? I shall answer these questions and many more here, in the slickly-produced cyberpages of Defenestration.

Odds are that you either
a) currently belong to a subculture, or
b) once belonged to a subculture, before you entered the adult world of income taxes.

Subcultures are how we define ourselves. They determine how we dress, speak, act, and make major purchases. Some major subcultures include:

Now that I have covered some basic subcultures (there are far more, but I cannot think of them off of the top of my head), we shall discuss the pros and cons of joining one.
If you join a subculture, you have a set group of people to hang with, a clothing uniform, and a list of CDs to buy. You have nothing to worry about, except getting beat up by enemy subcultures.
If you are not in a subculture, you actually have the chance to be an individual. You can mix and match clothing. You can flip through the radio stations. You can even go wreak havoc at the local mall, but I draw the line at shopping there. I personally believe that everyone should test their limits. Be in a subculture if you must, but be you. If you are a nerd, but think scarification looks cool, go for it. If you're a goth, but like Ravel, buy the CD. Eat meat; don't eat meat. Create your own subculture. Maybe oneday everyone on MTV will look like you.

1999 Courtney

If you read this and did not catch the satirical quality, either I suck or you are a rock. :)