you know you have no life...
"ok, so maybe it was a trick"
when you make a webpage about a pumpkin...
Glowing #1
Glowing #1 This is the back. The text reads "Okay, so maybe it was a trick." The quality is bad because the webcam was not happy with the lack of light.
Cute Lil Dead Girl!
Cute Lil Dead Girl! This is Lenore. She's frolicking. At the bottom, you can see grass. When it's glowing, it looks like she's frolicking over flames.
Rotated slightly to the right
Rotated slightly to the right As you follow the pumpkin around behind Lenore, it says "La la la la" in big letters. When it's glowing, the walls say "La la la la" in giant scary glowing letters. More grass/flames, and we start to see a bloody Mr. Gosh.
Bloody Mr. Gosh
Bloody Mr. Gosh We see a badly-wounded Mr. Gosh at the baseline, blood oozing from his head and severed leg. Love hurts.
The Top of the Pumpkin
The Top of the Pumpkin The top says "Lenore." It would be cool if it glowed weirdly and made the ceiling say "Lenore," but it just makes the ceiling glow weirdly. The glowing top of the pumpkin looks cool, though.
"ok, so maybe it was a trick"
ok, so maybe it was a trick The same as the first picture, except it's not glowing.
Glowing Lenore
Glowing Lenore Same as the second one, except she's glowing strangely. Awww...
eVal with Pumpkin
eVal with Pumpkin The artist with her new special friend...
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