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Hello! You have just entered the unofficial Gallery of Rage! Brought to you by:

Special thanks to Sister Yaoi for the excellent pics of our righteous Master, Ezekiel Rage.
And now, away we go!
  • A little summary of one of ZR's encounter's with the Quest family. Too bad that Jonny Messed will never defeat our Master! MWAHAHAHA!!!
  • Here's another little summary from the Quest's files. This one's about the time they discover the true past of Ezekiel.
  • A close-up of our beloved leader's mug. Note the groovy green shades, and the headwear that Indiana Jones ripped off.
  • The bio of Rage from Iris.
  • Another close-up of Zeek, this one with him laughing maniacally. I think it's from a comic book.
  • Yet another close-up of Ezekiel's countenance. This one is bigger, and closer.
  • A great shot of Rage holding The Book of Rage aloft. Note that the TNT in the corner stands for "Terrorize Naked Talk-show hosts", not something else.
  • Yes, Ezekiel Rage is the originator of the phrase, "Talk to the hand." 'Nuff said.
  • Here's a rare pic of Rage adjusting the camera for a "Cult of Rage Training Video". He almost broke the lens.
  • Yet ANOTHER close up of Zeek's face. I think I smell a camera-happy Rage groupie.
  • Ezekiel Rage wheels around. "Who's there?" he thunders, pondering the current whereabouts of Jonny Messed. "Pizza!" a pubescent voice calls. "Oh yeah." Rage grins. Aiming a handgun, he shoots through the door and picks up his pie.
  • Awwww. Isn't he cute? Zeek playing with his puppy Bandit, before Jonny Messed stole the little chap and brainwashed him.
  • Rage on his daily morning commute to Rage Enterprises. Who said Benton was the only entrepreneur? Remember, that's 1-800-BIG-BOOM, or 1-800-244-2666.
  • Hey, it's Rage WITHOUT HIS SUNGLASSES! He's wearing normal specs in this one, folks.
  • OHMYGOODNESS! It's pre-Book of Rage Rage! When he was just Zeek, the family man/American spy.
  • Another shot of Ezekiel holding the Book of Rage. It's a little muddled, but take a look anyway. Pleeeese? Don't YOU WANT to be able to say you've seen ALL of the pictures in The Gallery of Rage?
  • Here's a WICKED picture of Rage as he should be, scaring the jeebies out of little Jonny. I think this one's from a comic book too.

  • And now, we have something very special. Two exceptional works of art, created by none other than Sister Yaoi.
    1. CABANA BOY!!
    2. Rage! Rage! Rage!

    Well ladies, gentlemen, sisters, and brothers, that's the end of The Gallery of Rage. I hope you enjoyed your visit. If you are interested in joining the Cult of Rage, please go here.

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