SuperheroGrrl: Ayee!

Auto response from DrSpatch: Waiting for Godot....
Did you guys know that Rosero's pregnant?

DrSpatch: YO!
DrSpatch: it's Magenta!
SuperheroGrrl: (bows)
DrSpatch: ::examines buddy icon::
DrSpatch: You, also
DrSpatch: ::grins::
SuperheroGrrl: Guess what comic book I got today. . .
DrSpatch: Lenore?
SuperheroGrrl: At the random comic book that was open randomly until midnight.
SuperheroGrrl: Yup!
SuperheroGrrl: It was the only thing open on the street, too.
SuperheroGrrl: I got 2-5.
SuperheroGrrl: Exciting.
DrSpatch: wow!
DrSpatch: I only have 1-3
DrSpatch: plus Val's #6
DrSpatch: they're so cute
SuperheroGrrl: (I was given forty $ this morning. To get gas. Which cost $10.)
DrSpatch: hmmm
DrSpatch: lucky you are
SuperheroGrrl: Yay!
DrSpatch: I have to procure about $20 more
SuperheroGrrl: Why?
DrSpatch: and then I can get a 1000 minute phone card for $43 dollars
DrSpatch: uberuseful
SuperheroGrrl: Of course.
DrSpatch: you've got mail!
DrSpatch: because I was writing you
DrSpatch: and then you got online
DrSpatch: so I sent it
SuperheroGrrl: Heh. .
SuperheroGrrl: Lovely.
DrSpatch: so feel free to respond as you read it, if you choose to read it now
SuperheroGrrl: Alrighty.
I'll save it until my email is done.

DrSpatch: good good.
DrSpatch: I sent it to three addresses.
SuperheroGrrl: Ouch.
SuperheroGrrl: Do you know three?
DrSpatch: yes
SuperheroGrrl: Another and dot-dot-dot are the same.
DrSpatch: and webmistress
DrSpatch: really?
SuperheroGrrl: Yeah.
DrSpatch: ::laughs::
DrSpatch: so
SuperheroGrrl: is cool.
DrSpatch: I have now polluted your inbox *even more*
SuperheroGrrl: I like it when it's in that inbox, though. Instead of webmistress, where I get everything. And it frequently overflows. I can store yours there.
DrSpatch: really? good. I'll send them there from now on.
SuperheroGrrl: Did I tell you about the giant spider that was next to my bed last night?

No. I haven't talked to you.

DrSpatch: No! Tell me.
SuperheroGrrl: It was giant. About an inch and a quarter.
SuperheroGrrl: I killed it. Tomorrow?? Three inches.
DrSpatch: are you saying that there will be one that big tomorrow?
SuperheroGrrl: Yeah. *g*
DrSpatch: ::hides::
DrSpatch: ::but not under bed::
SuperheroGrrl: I know. . .
DrSpatch: I had a similar experience last night, but it's in the email
SuperheroGrrl: Oh dear.
DrSpatch: so how did the day go?
SuperheroGrrl: (big excited diary entry coming soon)
DrSpatch: good good
DrSpatch: I'll wait for the press
SuperheroGrrl: Guava's mother.
SuperheroGrrl: Just came out.
SuperheroGrrl: What the FUCK?
DrSpatch: yes, I read
DrSpatch: I know!
DrSpatch: I want her ass online, now
DrSpatch: Her mom's not all there.......
DrSpatch: but wow...........
SuperheroGrrl: I know. . .
DrSpatch: what a strange day.............
SuperheroGrrl: Yeah.
SuperheroGrrl: And me in a good mood. Stranger.
DrSpatch: Very.
DrSpatch: what color are you?
DrSpatch: not green, I'm thinking
SuperheroGrrl: Red, now that I'm talking to you.
DrSpatch: ::is also red::
SuperheroGrrl: Yay!
DrSpatch: tis a communist day
SuperheroGrrl: And I saw communist graffiti on a gated community's gate.
DrSpatch: ::bounces around impatiently waiting for diary entry to be published::
DrSpatch: really?
DrSpatch: that's awesome!
DrSpatch: I saw a tshirt once
DrSpatch: that said "Socialism is Sexy!"
DrSpatch: I almost ran up to the guy and ripped it off and ran away with it
SuperheroGrrl: heh
SuperheroGrrl: I have a sticker that says "legislation is sexy"
DrSpatch: ::laughs::
DrSpatch: nice
SuperheroGrrl: Yeah. . .
SuperheroGrrl: because it is.
DrSpatch: ::laughs hysterically::
DrSpatch: this is my recommended imood book:
DrSpatch: The Heart and Soul of Nick Carter
SuperheroGrrl: I got KGRG in on my car radio yesterday.

Mixed with some odd hyper-classic-ballad rock station.

It was great.

DrSpatch: my favorite station, 97X, is also a country station really far north, but on some roads, they mix. and it usually actually sounds like a song.
SuperheroGrrl: Yeah. . .
SuperheroGrrl: It was the same with this, actually. It's weird.
DrSpatch: It is. mind boggling.
SuperheroGrrl: Of course, Nick Carter fans are lovestruck!
DrSpatch: ::grins::
DrSpatch: yes
DrSpatch: well then
DrSpatch: that means that I must be
DrSpatch: lovestruck to the thirteenth power
SuperheroGrrl: Heh. . .
DrSpatch: did I used to have a nick carter book? I think I might have... or maybe not. it was little... pocket sized? I don't know.... this is a scary half-memory
SuperheroGrrl: They did have those.
DrSpatch: ::laughs:: you really do love your suits, don't you?
SuperheroGrrl: Heh. . .
SuperheroGrrl: Yeah. . .
DrSpatch: how close is the diary entry to being finished?
SuperheroGrrl: Not very.
DrSpatch: sigh
DrSpatch: oh well
DrSpatch: I shall learn patience tonight.
DrSpatch: patience, and how to braid how
DrSpatch: hair
DrSpatch: rather
DrSpatch: I will talk, and you will work on yoru diary. I like this plan.
SuperheroGrrl: Alrighty.
DrSpatch: Jake and I devised a thrillling plan today. I'm going to drive to NY and get him.
DrSpatch: and then we're coming back to Cincinnati to pick up Val, and then we're driving to Cali for you.
SuperheroGrrl: Lovely.
SuperheroGrrl: "We Are So Punk Rock" was one of the first songs I heard. . . That and "Don't Wanna Be."
DrSpatch: my first was Driver's Death, or something...I think I just got them all at once.
SuperheroGrrl: Ah.
SuperheroGrrl: I got them when those were the only MP3s up. *g*
DrSpatch: ::grins:: I got mine from, I think..... I don't really remember.... late nights on the internet from the past years are blurring together.......
SuperheroGrrl: Which is Model UN?
SuperheroGrrl: What, even?
DrSpatch: Model United Nations. there are like 5 or so councils, and your team picks a country (or two or six, depending on its size) and two people go to each council for each country, and you write drafts and whatnot. our team last year was Brazil and Congo, and I was Brazil, Council on Disarmament and Non-Proliferation
DrSpatch: lots of schools host them for high school students
SuperheroGrrl: Wow, that's really cool.
DrSpatch: such as lovely Earlham
DrSpatch: it would have been cooler if Brazil had more to say on that issue than "we support removing land mines from Angola, and we want nukes cause we wanna be players too"
SuperheroGrrl: How do people get invited to this? It's a school thing, I assume? (*g*)
DrSpatch: ::laughs at her little activist::
DrSpatch: yeah
DrSpatch: it is
DrSpatch: you can start a team
SuperheroGrrl: We did a WWII simulation. . . It was interesting. I was the diplomat for Germany. . .
DrSpatch: Wow.
SuperheroGrrl: And Californians can fly to Indiana. Hah.
SuperheroGrrl: Yeah.
SuperheroGrrl: We won.
DrSpatch: they're all over the country
SuperheroGrrl: Because the other teams were dumb.
DrSpatch: I'm not suprised that you won
SuperheroGrrl: I actually had some good competition. One of the guys that I've known since first grade and I debated. I respect his skills.
DrSpatch: You've known everyone since before puberty.... it amazes me
SuperheroGrrl: Heh. . .
DrSpatch: holy fuck
DrSpatch: wow
DrSpatch: I'm housesitting for Peggy's family
DrSpatch: and her lil brother fran is here
DrSpatch: well, he would be, if he wasn't at a friends
SuperheroGrrl: Right. . .
DrSpatch: anyway, a friend of his, a kid that's going into eighth grade
DrSpatch: has a site at
DrSpatch: where he mixes beats and makes little songs
SuperheroGrrl: Yes.
DrSpatch: there's a record of how many people visit it
DrSpatch: and depending on the hits, he gets like a nickel a hit
DrSpatch: the action slacks, a nationally-known band from Oakland, CA, also have an site
DrSpatch: and they're just a dollar ahead of the kid that mixes his beats
DrSpatch: they have 89.21
DrSpatch: the kid has 88.10
DrSpatch: wow
SuperheroGrrl: Hah. . .
SuperheroGrrl: That's scary.
DrSpatch: yeah, especially considering how bootleg the beats are
DrSpatch: and how wonderful the action slacks are
DrSpatch: ::shakes head::
SuperheroGrrl: Sorry.
DrSpatch: sokay.
SuperheroGrrl: He could've done it a lot of times. . .
SuperheroGrrl: Although I'm sure they have cookies and stuff. . .
DrSpatch: yeah.... he and fran.... I don't doubt it, actually
SuperheroGrrl: Or it could be everyone at his school. . .
DrSpatch: it's probably all his little classmates
DrSpatch: all ten of them
SuperheroGrrl: heh
SuperheroGrrl: Were you the one in the talkbox?
DrSpatch: which one?
DrSpatch: I talked some
SuperheroGrrl: And Pat.
DrSpatch: yes, Pat.
SuperheroGrrl: He wrote too.
DrSpatch: what did he write?
SuperheroGrrl: Some of the stuff in the talkbox.
DrSpatch: yes, I figured as much.
SuperheroGrrl: Diaried. . .
DrSpatch: ::runs off to check::
DrSpatch: *that* was a full day.
SuperheroGrrl: Yesm.
DrSpatch: ::grins at many things::
SuperheroGrrl: Worried. . .
DrSpatch: Janet thinks you and Taurean are up to something....
DrSpatch: Worried?
SuperheroGrrl: nelly furtado lyrics. . .
DrSpatch: where?
SuperheroGrrl: That you're grinning a lot.
DrSpatch: ah
DrSpatch: no no
SuperheroGrrl: Someone searched for them on your diary.
DrSpatch: good grins.
DrSpatch: really?
SuperheroGrrl: Yes.
DrSpatch: how can you tell?
SuperheroGrrl: Your stats.
DrSpatch: ::wonders where Clarissa gets her magic::
DrSpatch: ahhh
DrSpatch: that's funny as hell
SuperheroGrrl: I'm, like, number five for "drunk naked girls"
DrSpatch: how was your letter from sam?
DrSpatch: where is this list?
SuperheroGrrl: It was cute.
SuperheroGrrl: Google, I think.
DrSpatch: cucumber?
DrSpatch: punk rock moose?
SuperheroGrrl: She brought me a cucumber for a gift from Anaheim. From Safeway. Its name was Lucifer and because it was phallic I carried it around all day at school. We had grown some, so I brought her one.
SuperheroGrrl: The moose was a present from a friend.
DrSpatch: ::understands::
DrSpatch: so do your mom or stepdad understand what Oasis is?
SuperheroGrrl: "The Center:
SuperheroGrrl: "
DrSpatch: ::rereads Clarissa's quotes page, hoping for more understanding these months later::
SuperheroGrrl: Send me ones you don't understand.
DrSpatch: The Center? Hmm. We have a Center. We also have "Youth Group"
DrSpatch: really?
DrSpatch: thank you!
DrSpatch: "the clerk at the campground told them fo a bear warning out. "
DrSpatch: "in here? peanuts and magazines. out there? oblivion."
DrSpatch: "i don't think she knows she's dead. . . "
DrSpatch: "did you follow the girls around, or the boys, or something?"
SuperheroGrrl: The first one: Alter Ego. Horrible story. THat's the lit magazine.
SuperheroGrrl: The second, from a Spanish class video.
SuperheroGrrl: Third one. . . We were playing Murder and one girl died while she was in the other room.
SuperheroGrrl: Fourth, Taurean's grandmother asked us, about our trip to the queer district.
DrSpatch: ::falls over laughing::
DrSpatch: no, that's called 'massaging the butter.'
SuperheroGrrl: Rocky Horror trip! During our devirginization, we had to make a "virgin sandwich." My friend Lacey was the bread, I laid on top of her. My friend Jennie was supposed to be the knife. She rubbed my back, until they picked up and wiped her across me and said that.
DrSpatch: ::facefaults::
DrSpatch: "these people make me tense - i live in fear they'll start a conversation."
SuperheroGrrl: It's a song. From some musical. . . About the Jewish guy. . . Parade!
SuperheroGrrl: "the musical about the Jewish guy."
DrSpatch: all of them.
DrSpatch: "you've picked the unrequited variety. it's very bad for the skin."
SuperheroGrrl: Somewhere. . . Oh, "My Name Is Edward Greig," a lecture thing. This man came onstage in character. It was really cool.
SuperheroGrrl: I like this, remembering the quotes.
DrSpatch: I like this, understanding them. ^_^
DrSpatch: It's kind of like a Clarissa, 101.
DrSpatch: -you know what that makes you?
-no, i was gonna say an escaped convict.

SuperheroGrrl: That was in some movie.
SuperheroGrrl: I don't remember. . .
DrSpatch: ::laughs::
DrSpatch: oh well
DrSpatch: I like the ones from your real life bestest
SuperheroGrrl: The show ones are harder to distinguish.
DrSpatch: "you really attracted me with that jackson five crap."
DrSpatch: hey! this one is from "turning japanese"!
DrSpatch: not that one
DrSpatch: but another one I found
SuperheroGrrl: We were at the beach, the last day of school last year. And this guy drove by, pumping it. So Taurean ran after him and screamed it.
SuperheroGrrl: "No sex no drugs no wine no women no fun no sin no you no wonder it's dark. . ."
DrSpatch: yes!
DrSpatch: ::falls over laughing::
SuperheroGrrl: I like that.
DrSpatch: Does Taurean have something personal against Jackson Five?
DrSpatch: everyone around me is a total stranger
SuperheroGrrl: No, he was being sarcastic. And gay. It was funny.
DrSpatch: funny that that line, the one after the one that you chose, is in the lyrics generator
SuperheroGrrl: Everyone ignores me like a Cyclone Ranger, everyone. . .
DrSpatch: wow, you even know the real line and everything
DrSpatch: that song's on my cd that the spider died on
SuperheroGrrl: Icky.
SuperheroGrrl: I love that song.
DrSpatch: do you know what my favorite song is?
SuperheroGrrl: ?998721185
DrSpatch: of all time?
SuperheroGrrl: I thought it was Andrew. . .
SuperheroGrrl: No.
DrSpatch: it changes a lot, or it used to. but this one's been it for a long time, and I still love it, so... it might be for a long time more.
DrSpatch: "I Want You Back", by the Jackson Five.
SuperheroGrrl: Lovely.
SuperheroGrrl: I have so many. . .
DrSpatch: do you have like a top five?
SuperheroGrrl: I don't examine it.
DrSpatch: good.
DrSpatch: I like that.
-hey fish, wanna sucker?"

SuperheroGrrl: I told you about the Tribes Project, right?
DrSpatch: hmmm
DrSpatch: maybe?
SuperheroGrrl: Yeah. I did. It was in it last year.
DrSpatch: tell me again.
DrSpatch: tell me a little to refresh me
DrSpatch: "THOSE PEOPLE! they only come out in the night. or in this case, the daytime."
SuperheroGrrl: The Simpsons.
DrSpatch: ::Grins::
DrSpatch: "i'd open the door. . . to let him know that i. . . cared."
SuperheroGrrl: Joe Bergin. Huge white homophobic guy. Talking about what he'd do if one of his friends had a huge emotional problem.
DrSpatch: ::shakes head::
DrSpatch: *now* I remember
DrSpatch: "-i can't grade your head!
-actually, his head is very nice. i give it an 85."

SuperheroGrrl: Math class. Someone was talking, as opposed to working, and the teacher said that. Random kid responded.
DrSpatch: "so my dog. . . eats fermented apples?"
SuperheroGrrl: We were talking about gasses in science. . . I don't remember.
DrSpatch: ::falls over laughing:: "it'd be funny if she screamed. because she's a mime. and mime's don't. . . never mind."
DrSpatch: "ARG! i'm a PIRATE!"
DrSpatch: our webpages are actually kind of frighteningly similar.....
DrSpatch: the content, anyway
SuperheroGrrl: I was the mime. One of my friends killed me. It was a great sketch as an example of monarchy.
SuperheroGrrl: Yes.
SuperheroGrrl: That's my Justin Timberlake impression.
DrSpatch: ::raises eyebrow::
DrSpatch: "ARG! i'm a PIRATE!"
DrSpatch: "it's hard to distinguish between groping and hugs. . ."
DrSpatch: "i'll kill him later. let's go make cotton candy!"
DrSpatch: "any kind of organized revolt against the party, which was bound to be a failure, struck her as stupid. the clever thing was to break the rules and stay alive all the same."
DrSpatch: FUCK! This was something that I've been meaning to ask you about it.... since before I knew you was you....
DrSpatch: "the album is like a soundtrack for a cartoon show that doesn't exist."
DrSpatch: *what* album is that?
SuperheroGrrl: How did I miss that. . .
DrSpatch: if you say more than three things....
DrSpatch: you stop flashing
SuperheroGrrl: The "ARG! i'm a PIRATE!" was Justin. From some special.
DrSpatch: timberlake?
SuperheroGrrl: "It's hard. . ." was something by the class president, on a new rule. He rocks, although he's an ass.
SuperheroGrrl: "I'll kill. . ." - Drama last year, we were selling cotton candy. Before we started, band lists were posted and a girl didn't get a part she wanted.
SuperheroGrrl: We ended up blowing a fuse with the cotton candy machine and going in the hole. . . It was funny because the school hates us.
DrSpatch: ::laughs::
SuperheroGrrl: The revolt one is from 1984.
DrSpatch: ::laughs harder::
DrSpatch: no way! the book!
SuperheroGrrl: That was from the cool guy from Limp Bizkit.
SuperheroGrrl: His solo album.
SuperheroGrrl: Yes.
SuperheroGrrl: JT.
DrSpatch: saweet
DrSpatch: thanks
DrSpatch: "you'll have to do better than that, other countries!"
DrSpatch: "men and women with microphones. . . i say 'questions?' as if i were somebody special."
SuperheroGrrl signed off at 2:45:24 AM.
SuperheroGrrl signed on at 2:45:29 AM.
SuperheroGrrl: And such.
SuperheroGrrl: Yes, the book 1984.
DrSpatch: you should add the bit about the fabulous meat sale
SuperheroGrrl: Any other quotes, doll?
DrSpatch: "you'll have to do better than that, other countries!"
"men and women with microphones. . . i say 'questions?' as if i were somebody special."

SuperheroGrrl: I haven't updated since I lost my quote book.
DrSpatch: ::weeps for lost book::
SuperheroGrrl: The first was commentary on the Olympics. The second was from a great random band in a bar in New Orleans.
SuperheroGrrl: I found it, eventually.
DrSpatch: "it's like mary poppins!"
"you've got the whole garage in your purse!"

DrSpatch: and one more.....
DrSpatch: "suck, suck, suck. ooooh, alan cumming! suck, suck, suck."
SuperheroGrrl signed off at 2:49:29 AM.
SuperheroGrrl signed on at 2:49:34 AM.
DrSpatch: your internet is kamikaze tonight
SuperheroGrrl: Yes.
DrSpatch: I had three last quote questions....
DrSpatch: "it's like mary poppins!"
"you've got the whole garage in your purse!"
DrSpatch: and one more.....
DrSpatch: "suck, suck, suck. ooooh, alan cumming! suck, suck, suck."
SuperheroGrrl: Those two went together. . .
DrSpatch: ah!
DrSpatch: makes so much more sense now...
DrSpatch: was this you?
SuperheroGrrl: The first two. I tend to have a lot of things in my purse. That was inspired by the tape measure that was in there.
DrSpatch: ::laughs::
SuperheroGrrl: The second was my review of The Flinstones in Viva Rock Vegas.
DrSpatch: ::falls over laughing::
DrSpatch: too bad that that's what I thought it was.....
DrSpatch: just randomly guessing...
SuperheroGrrl: Isn't it great, though?
SuperheroGrrl: I liked that movie.
DrSpatch: it's perfect
SuperheroGrrl: It could double for Josie and the Pussycats.
SuperheroGrrl: Or most of the ones he's in.
DrSpatch: yeah, I was typing "or any other movie with him"
DrSpatch: ::laughs:: and you're mary poppins, too.....
DrSpatch: ::sighs::
SuperheroGrrl: What?
SuperheroGrrl: Practically Perfect in Every Way?
DrSpatch: Yes!
DrSpatch: well
DrSpatch: to me
DrSpatch: also
DrSpatch: as a child, I had a massive obsession with Mary Poppins
DrSpatch: did you know that Gwyneth Paltrow was in Hook?
SuperheroGrrl: No.
DrSpatch: nor did I
DrSpatch: why do I know that now?
DrSpatch: the world may never know.......
SuperheroGrrl: Heh. . .
DrSpatch: ooh! she even has a good quote.....
SuperheroGrrl: Eh?
DrSpatch: Gywneth..
SuperheroGrrl: What?
DrSpatch: "I try to remember, as I hear about friends getting engaged, that it's not about the ring, and it's not about the wedding. It's a grave thing, getting married. And it's easy to get swept up in the wrong things."
DrSpatch: I'm not sure why I like to so much...... maybe because so few famous people think like that.
DrSpatch: damn it! I've got to let go of the ellipses
SuperheroGrrl: No you don't!
DrSpatch: I don't?
DrSpatch: okay, I'll call them back.........
SuperheroGrrl: (hugs the ellipses)
DrSpatch: ::tpatpa::
SuperheroGrrl: yes
DrSpatch: I can't decide if I want to change my profile right now or not.....
DrSpatch: what was your favorite part of your day?
SuperheroGrrl: Which profile?
DrSpatch: AIM
SuperheroGrrl: Getting back on okay mode with Taurean and being able to hug him. Kissing his forehead.
DrSpatch: good good good. that's very very good.
SuperheroGrrl: I wanted to hug him when I first saw him, that was the initial plan. But things seemed too wounded to do so.
DrSpatch: I hate that.
DrSpatch: When you can't hug....
DrSpatch: it's so awkward and it just makes the pain worse.
DrSpatch: I'm glad it's gone.
DrSpatch: ::huggles Beauty and the Beast::
DrSpatch: You know what's funny? Lately, instead of being obsessed with individuals, I've been obsessed with couples
DrSpatch: Like Val and Jake
DrSpatch: I'm obsessed with them being together
DrSpatch: and Beauty and the Beast
SuperheroGrrl: Nice.
SuperheroGrrl: Hey, do you want to talk to Taurean?
DrSpatch: It's up to you.
DrSpatch: I think a better question
DrSpatch: is does he want to talk to me?
SuperheroGrrl: I asked him that.
SuperheroGrrl: He's okay with you, I think.
DrSpatch: okay then, shoot. though I don't know what we'll talk about, other than you....
SuperheroGrrl: Hmm.
SuperheroGrrl: I dunno.
DrSpatch: it might be best for you, right now
SuperheroGrrl: You could IM him. Or he you.
DrSpatch: if we are kept in separate boxes......
SuperheroGrrl: He has AOL, so no chat.
DrSpatch: that's sad
DrSpatch: because that would be best
SuperheroGrrl: I said he could IM you if he wanted.
DrSpatch: that sounds good.
SuperheroGrrl: Fire4luvI: she could im me, too.
: ::laughs::
DrSpatch: did you give him my IM?
SuperheroGrrl: Yeah.
SuperheroGrrl: I quoted the thing about the best part of the day.
DrSpatch: Good.
SuperheroGrrl: Yeah. . .
DrSpatch: hmm.
DrSpatch: it has been done.
SuperheroGrrl: You know, Josh's name is frail. . . But it might fit how I feel now.
SuperheroGrrl: My stepbrother just sang "I live on a boat" out of nowhere.
DrSpatch: You feel frail?
DrSpatch: good kid
SuperheroGrrl: Yeah. . .
SuperheroGrrl: I inquired. "I just sang it because it rhymed with 'i'll cut his throat.' or maybe it could be 'i like to float.'"
DrSpatch: For this one instant
DrSpatch: it's a shame that you're nto really related
SuperheroGrrl: nah
SuperheroGrrl: He has red hair. Strawberry blonde. He hates it. And a duck's ass.
DrSpatch: a duck's ass as in his ass or as in his mouth?
SuperheroGrrl: His hair. Ducktail.
SuperheroGrrl: Are you two getting anywhere?
DrSpatch: Somewhere....possibly the Philippines...hard to tell at this point
SuperheroGrrl: Heh. . .
DrSpatch: ::listens to Beauty and the Beast::
SuperheroGrrl: Yay.
SuperheroGrrl: My mum used to have that soundtrack. And Aladdin. We liked it.
DrSpatch: we being you and her?
SuperheroGrrl: I can do almost all of the Belle parts. Yes.
DrSpatch: my mom always refers to being having mouths that "run like a duck's ass"
DrSpatch: really?
DrSpatch: ::eyes get shiny::
SuperheroGrrl: (hugs)
SuperheroGrrl: There are twenty people on the hedwig ring. Last time I checked it was eleven.
DrSpatch: ::cheers::
DrSpatch: such a happy day
DrSpatch: I can't wait till I see it
DrSpatch: this week.
DrSpatch: when I get back from Indiana again.
SuperheroGrrl: yippee
DrSpatch: but
DrSpatch: I'll have IM this time
DrSpatch: if "yellowyeats" ever IM's you
DrSpatch: it's probably me
SuperheroGrrl: I thought that was summin else?
SuperheroGrrl: They were on my list. Peggy.
DrSpatch: Really?
DrSpatch: Peggy was using it?
DrSpatch: That's highly amusing.
DrSpatch: Very highly.
DrSpatch: Did she IM you?
SuperheroGrrl: Yes.
SuperheroGrrl: The whole Possum King incident.
DrSpatch: ::laughs::
DrSpatch: ah, yes
SuperheroGrrl: Yep.
DrSpatch: you know, Action Slacks mixes well with B&tB
SuperheroGrrl: Hilly hasn't a guestbook. . .
DrSpatch: email her
DrSpatch: it will mean *THIS MUCH* to her
DrSpatch: She thinks you're really really super cool
SuperheroGrrl: Super.
DrSpatch: remember when I showed you her diary when she was messing with the colors?
DrSpatch: and you said something about changing the color of the menu at the bottom.....
SuperheroGrrl: Yes.
DrSpatch: I copied and pasted that comment to her
DrSpatch: and she wigged
SuperheroGrrl: Why?
SuperheroGrrl: It would be cool green, it'd clash more.
DrSpatch: she wigged because you'd been to her diary
DrSpatch: I'll tell her that....
SuperheroGrrl: I will.
SuperheroGrrl: (goes to see if she can add her to her list this time)
DrSpatch: foolish diaryland...
SuperheroGrrl: You have more cool stuff on your page.
SuperheroGrrl: Are you still talking to Taurean?
DrSpatch: I've had longer to poke at it
DrSpatch: yes, we're discussing judaism
SuperheroGrrl: hmm
SuperheroGrrl: I suppose. It's just more skilled.
DrSpatch: again, longer to poke at ::laughs:: though I must bow down to you with your HTML obsession
SuperheroGrrl: Nah.
DrSpatch: I honestly didn't know that HR stood for horizontal rule until you told me
DrSpatch: and I never have written it out on paper.......
SuperheroGrrl: It's just boredom, though. . .
DrSpatch: if you say so....
DrSpatch: ::smiles::
DrSpatch: You're nifty.
SuperheroGrrl: As are you! Jeepers!
DrSpatch: ::laughs:: Charlie says "Keen." a lot.
DrSpatch: though he rarely says "cool"....
SuperheroGrrl: That's hep.
DrSpatch: vintage slang is fun.
SuperheroGrrl: Oh yes.
SuperheroGrrl: The random queer boy liked Ani. Then we put in Cibo Matto and he knew who they were. He didn't know Ani, though.
DrSpatch: ::cheers:: I love randomass kids
DrSpatch: Being gay really is being in a minority
DrSpatch: because you have that bond.....
DrSpatch: I dunno though
SuperheroGrrl: Yeah, I think so.
SuperheroGrrl: And you can't see it.
DrSpatch: Kids kind of bond like that. I would give someone my age a ride, I think...
DrSpatch: but gay kids especially
SuperheroGrrl: Yeah.
SuperheroGrrl: I was a bit worried. But I did.
SuperheroGrrl: Because we needed help.
DrSpatch: you and Taurean could have taken him, I'm sure
SuperheroGrrl: Heh, he was older.
SuperheroGrrl: You mean I could've taken him. . .
DrSpatch: yes
SuperheroGrrl: Taurean would've called the police on his cell phone from far away.
DrSpatch: that's actually what I meant
DrSpatch: ::laughs::
DrSpatch: OMG
DrSpatch: OMG OMG
DrSpatch: guess what i just found!?!!?
SuperheroGrrl: Chicken?
DrSpatch: true faith (pet shop boys remix)
SuperheroGrrl: Ooh.
DrSpatch: that's one of the *best* New Order songs
SuperheroGrrl: You should get a cell phone with free long distance.
DrSpatch: hmmm
SuperheroGrrl: I have no speakers. So though excited for you, I really don't care.
DrSpatch: they make such beasts?
DrSpatch: I should put it on your mix.......
DrSpatch: do you like new order?
SuperheroGrrl: They do make such beasts.
SuperheroGrrl: I think so.
SuperheroGrrl: Peggy is on too.
DrSpatch: where could I find such a beast?
DrSpatch: really?
SuperheroGrrl: Cell phone places.
SuperheroGrrl: I don't know.
SuperheroGrrl: Yes.
DrSpatch: "Cell phone places." ::grins::
SuperheroGrrl: Well. . .
DrSpatch: cause my dad wants to get me a cell phone.....
SuperheroGrrl: Oooh.
SuperheroGrrl: Recent searches for me:

bianca "all my children"

jill sobule heroes so imperfect

the butchies lyrics

DrSpatch: ::sweatdrops::
SuperheroGrrl signed off at 3:46:31 AM.
SuperheroGrrl signed on at 3:49:03 AM.
DrSpatch: welcome back, fair maven
DrSpatch: ::grins::
SuperheroGrrl: oh yes. . .
DrSpatch: Taurean is really interesting to talk to
DrSpatch: ::drops jaw at Pet Shop Boys remix::
SuperheroGrrl: (ahoy)
SuperheroGrrl: nothing nothing nothing nothing.
SuperheroGrrl: Yay for Pet Shop Boys.
DrSpatch: nothing?
SuperheroGrrl: Does it worry you that he's four years younger than you?
SuperheroGrrl: Nothing.
DrSpatch: Not really
DrSpatch: it's interesting
SuperheroGrrl: Yes.
DrSpatch: he has an interesting view of humanity
SuperheroGrrl: Yeah. Which includes wanting to recede from it, sometimes.
DrSpatch: yep
DrSpatch: He's not a huge fan, I think
SuperheroGrrl: (sigh)
SuperheroGrrl: That's always hard.
DrSpatch: ::huggles Clarissa, tpatpas Taurean::
SuperheroGrrl: Those are the times when I really can do nothing but just hold him. . . And shake my head. . .
DrSpatch: tell me again the story of how you got into Pet Shop Boys
SuperheroGrrl: I liked RENT. But I didn't own it. So was searching for MP3s and found Rent by PSB. Thinking it was a cover, I downloaded it and adored it.
SuperheroGrrl: More than a year later, I found it on my mother's hard drive and downloaded more.
DrSpatch: ::listens, enraptured::
SuperheroGrrl: Now I have two CDs.
DrSpatch: Night Life!
DrSpatch: and what else?
SuperheroGrrl: And the orange lego one. .
DrSpatch: ::grins::
SuperheroGrrl: It was used and has no liner notes. :-(
DrSpatch: ::huggles::
DrSpatch: tis okay!
DrSpatch: what songs are on it?
SuperheroGrrl: I don't know.
That distressed me to the point of not listening.

DrSpatch: really?
DrSpatch: I'm sorry
SuperheroGrrl: Like the Vandals promo, I suppose.
DrSpatch: hmmm
DrSpatch: is there orange legos on teh cd?
DrSpatch: ::screws grammer::
SuperheroGrrl: The case is orange legoed.
DrSpatch: hmm
DrSpatch: VERY!
DrSpatch: that's the name of the album
SuperheroGrrl: Yes.
DrSpatch: 67/00018067.jpg
SuperheroGrrl: Si.
DrSpatch: The All Music Guide picked it
DrSpatch: as being one of the "best of artist"
SuperheroGrrl: yay
DrSpatch: ::falls in love with "happiness is an option"::
SuperheroGrrl: Great song.
SuperheroGrrl: (finds lyrics to replace the lyrics on her website, ironically, at the same time.
DrSpatch: I like Taurean.
DrSpatch: Good.
SuperheroGrrl: Good you like him, or good the lyrics?
DrSpatch: Both.
SuperheroGrrl: Although I've never heard the song.
DrSpatch: never heard what song?
DrSpatch: happiness is an option?
SuperheroGrrl: That the lyrics are.
SuperheroGrrl: No.
DrSpatch: well fuck me hard
DrSpatch: It'll go on your mix
DrSpatch: I like how it sounds without even reading the lyrics
SuperheroGrrl: (refrains, once again, from cheeky comment)
SuperheroGrrl: That's Happiness is an Option. . .
DrSpatch: yeah
DrSpatch: that's what I just listened to
SuperheroGrrl: Oh, yeah.
DrSpatch: ::grins:: I would like to hear these comments, one day, that you so stoically refrain frmo making
SuperheroGrrl: dot dot dot.
DrSpatch: ::laughs very hard::
DrSpatch: ::beams frmo hilly email::
DrSpatch: she will be thrilled
DrSpatch: caffeine helps.....but small doses work in, a can of coke....
SuperheroGrrl: What?
DrSpatch: helps me not be all "blaaaaaaaaaaah" this late at night
SuperheroGrrl: I drank a mocha and then complained of being tired.
DrSpatch: ::sighs/laughs::
DrSpatch: ::laughs::
DrSpatch: I'm talking like Judy Miller again
DrSpatch: I just told Laura something was "bunderful"
SuperheroGrrl: Dear.
DrSpatch: Laura, however, has a habit of starting all words with the letter b.... that she got from Hilly when Hilly was little and had a doll named "Benore" (Lenore, actually). so it sounded like I'm just talking like Laura.
SuperheroGrrl: heh
DrSpatch: you know what?
DrSpatch: what I feel right now
SuperheroGrrl: No.
DrSpatch: is like the anti suicide
SuperheroGrrl: Good job.
DrSpatch: everything is so completely perfect
DrSpatch: and of course it's really not
DrSpatch: perfect, that is
DrSpatch: but it doesn't matter
DrSpatch: because life is just so good right now....
DrSpatch: ::sigh happily, hold clarissa for no good reason other than that she's clarisssa and she's squiffy::
DrSpatch: did you know that Cincinnati is a big place for the chicken dance?
DrSpatch: weird al came and gave us all kazoos and we all danced it at oktoberfest and it was a world record.
SuperheroGrrl: woo hoo!
SuperheroGrrl: I want a world record.
DrSpatch: You make me the happiest person in the world, but I don't think that counts, somehow.....
SuperheroGrrl: I don't know. Because it's so subjective. I'm the world record for you, but since you're the world record for me it doesn't seem fair.
DrSpatch: how is it not fair?
SuperheroGrrl: I have to share my title. *evil grin*
SuperheroGrrl: [after long period of silence]
SuperheroGrrl: And now I've been replaced with Courtney. . .
Fire4luvI: yes.
: i like her.
: Yes.
DrSpatch: ::laughs::
DrSpatch: we can share it together.
SuperheroGrrl: yay
SuperheroGrrl: As long as no one else is included.
DrSpatch: ::laughs::
DrSpatch: You're cute when you're competitive.
SuperheroGrrl: (wrinkles nose)
SuperheroGrrl: Is it my fault that I want to be exclusive?
DrSpatch: ::grins:: I'm not one to blame for such things...
DrSpatch: hehehe, you wrinkled your nose.....
SuperheroGrrl: I dunno. I'd think it's your fault that I don't want to share you with anyone.
DrSpatch: <--- broke dorkometer
DrSpatch: ::grins world's biggest grin::
SuperheroGrrl: Good job.
SuperheroGrrl: "I'll tell you when you're older. . ."
DrSpatch: <--- Exclusive property of Clarissa.
SuperheroGrrl: (pounces)
DrSpatch: where is that from?
SuperheroGrrl: It's a bit after your profile, if I remember correctly.
DrSpatch: ah, yes
DrSpatch: poor Chip
SuperheroGrrl: So ugly when not a cup, too. . .
DrSpatch: ::laughs::
DrSpatch: Angela Lansbury!
DrSpatch: This is why val wants to kill me......
SuperheroGrrl: Yes.
DrSpatch: everytime Mrs. Potts comes on screen
DrSpatch: Courtney: ::points and shouts gleefully:: ANGELA LANSSSSSSBURY!!!
SuperheroGrrl: Loverly.
SuperheroGrrl: That's almost as bad as my sarcastic comments through movies.
DrSpatch: it would be funny, were we to watch the right movie together
SuperheroGrrl: heh
DrSpatch: Clarissa: ::insert sarcasm here::
Courtney: ::claps like small child::

SuperheroGrrl: . . .together. . .
DrSpatch: .....yes......
DrSpatch: what a magical word.
DrSpatch: ::sighs::
SuperheroGrrl: That was my random musing today. . . "It would be nice if I could meet Courtney. . ."
DrSpatch: that is my random musing interspersed through the past couple days...
SuperheroGrrl: Yeah, but this was out loud.
DrSpatch: really?
SuperheroGrrl: Yeah.
DrSpatch: to whom?
SuperheroGrrl: Taurean.
DrSpatch: hmm.
DrSpatch: poor kid. ^_^
SuperheroGrrl: yeah, well.
DrSpatch: where did you find five for fighting?
DrSpatch: it's........
DrSpatch: incredible
DrSpatch: I'm crying now
DrSpatch: tears are streaming down my face
DrSpatch: this is incredible
SuperheroGrrl signed off at 4:37:30 AM.