DrSpatch: how was it?
SuperheroGrrl: Alright.
SuperheroGrrl: I will write.
DrSpatch: Good.
DrSpatch: I will wait.
SuperheroGrrl: He'll be on soon, we're going to watch SNL together.
SuperheroGrrl: Like we always do.
DrSpatch: that's really cool.
SuperheroGrrl: yeah. . .
SuperheroGrrl: Aaliyah is dead.
DrSpatch: Did she just die?
SuperheroGrrl: Yes.
DrSpatch: In real life? wow.
SuperheroGrrl: No, in fake life she died. . .
DrSpatch: yes, well. it happens. shit. what happened?
SuperheroGrrl: She died in a plane crash off of the Bahamas.
DrSpatch: Hmm. where did you hear this?
SuperheroGrrl: http://slacker.diaryland.com
DrSpatch: ah, yes. slacker.
SuperheroGrrl: Right.
DrSpatch: what time does it start there? snl, that is?
SuperheroGrrl: 11:30.
DrSpatch: so it hasn't even started yet?
SuperheroGrrl: It has.
SuperheroGrrl: It's almost 12.
DrSpatch: hmm
DrSpatch: tricky math.
DrSpatch: ahhh. I see.
DrSpatch: wow.
DrSpatch: so it's not actually live on the left coast.
SuperheroGrrl: I love this sketch. . . It's their "The Weakest Link" spoof. . .
DrSpatch: ::realizes that she won't be able to get any actually lucid statements out of Clarissa until the show is over, and laughs::
SuperheroGrrl: Sorry.
SuperheroGrrl: It's actually because of my diary.
DrSpatch: really? hmm.
SuperheroGrrl: I'm watching this sketch, but I've seen this show before.
DrSpatch: a rerun?
DrSpatch: (gasp)
SuperheroGrrl: Of course.
DrSpatch: wow.......
SuperheroGrrl: What?
DrSpatch: I have eight cd's worth of songs here.
SuperheroGrrl: Congratulations.
DrSpatch: yes. this is three hours of downloading.
SuperheroGrrl: Good job.
SuperheroGrrl: (hug)
DrSpatch: ::hugs::
DrSpatch: ::sighs::
SuperheroGrrl: Exactly.
DrSpatch: Yes. You know.
SuperheroGrrl: Too well.
DrSpatch: ::shakes head sadly::
SuperheroGrrl: . . . Cold. Hot. Cold.
DrSpatch: menopause. remember?
SuperheroGrrl: Oh, yeah, I forgot.
DrSpatch: it does that, too
DrSpatch: here's something nice: a friend of mine that I though I had lost all contact with just asked me who you were. evidently, she reads my diary.
SuperheroGrrl: Something about the menopause and being sixteen issue worries me, but I suppose I don't need to produce eggs.
SuperheroGrrl: So I would assume.
DrSpatch: that, or she's psychic.
SuperheroGrrl: Did you tell her that I was a seventy-three-year-old transvestite?
DrSpatch: Yes, that's the first thing I said....
SuperheroGrrl: Good job.
DrSpatch: I still have the convo if you'd like to see it...
SuperheroGrrl: Sure. . .
DrSpatch: MinervaMist: so things are good with you?
DrSpatch: things are good. better than they've been in a long while....::grins::
MinervaMist: okay your good mood brings me to a question I've been wanting to ask you
MinervaMist: Who is Clarissa
DrSpatch: DrSpatch: ::grins::
MinervaMist: haha
DrSpatch: So you've read.
MinervaMist: I had a feeling I would get that reaction
MinervaMist: oh yes
DrSpatch: wow, I didn't even know you had the link.....
SuperheroGrrl: Nice. :-)
DrSpatch: ::cut mushy inside jokes, unlesss you really want to see them::
DrSpatch: MinervaMist: ::warm smiles::
DrSpatch: Hmm. Who is Clarissa.
DrSpatch: Clarissa is a very awesome person that I like very muchly that also likes me very muchly.
MinervaMist: ::big grin::
DrSpatch: then I explain for a while
DrSpatch: then
DrSpatch: MinervaMist: excuse me, but I must...
MinervaMist: aawwww!!!
DrSpatch: and that's pretty much all the relevancies..
SuperheroGrrl: (insert frightening cooingish deep-throat happy noise. . .)
DrSpatch: ::cocks head to one side, then grins::
SuperheroGrrl: I don't quite know qhat it was.
SuperheroGrrl: On boy, on the next iyanla, there's "the do's and don'ts of dating!"
DrSpatch: did you actually make it?
DrSpatch: oh dear.
SuperheroGrrl: I did.
DrSpatch: wow.
DrSpatch: do you know who mojo nixon is?
SuperheroGrrl: He don't work here.
DrSpatch: but he does, is the thing
DrSpatch: he's a dj on the local metal station here
SuperheroGrrl: heh
DrSpatch: I just realized that it's the same guy....
DrSpatch: I'm really scared.....
SuperheroGrrl: Hah. . ,.
SuperheroGrrl: I was going to try to figure that out.
DrSpatch: I'm putting a song by him on your mix
DrSpatch: it's funny as fuck
SuperheroGrrl: yay
DrSpatch: did you see x-men?
SuperheroGrrl: My friend Kat sent me a survey that she filled out, and I can see why people think that we're somewhat alike - "Dress up on Halloween? I dress up every day."
SuperheroGrrl: Yes, why?
DrSpatch: what are your feelings on wolverine?
SuperheroGrrl: Hugh Jackman or Wolverine?
DrSpatch: Hugh.
DrSpatch: And you get mad bonus points for asking that question.
SuperheroGrrl: Both Kat and Elysia have mad crushes on Hugh Jackman. For a while, I couldn't tell the difference between him and Hugh Grant. Simply because I don't watch movies or know peoples' names.
DrSpatch: ::laughs::
DrSpatch: that is excellent
DrSpatch: did you know that he was Gaston in the Austrailian production of Beauty and the Beast?
SuperheroGrrl: And he was also in Oklahoma!
DrSpatch: ::falls over::
DrSpatch: yes.
DrSpatch: I really can't pull anything on you, can I? ^_^
SuperheroGrrl: Please remember that I know these things like my mother knows about Eve 6.
SuperheroGrrl: Sure you can.
SuperheroGrrl: "Popcorn" on SNL. By Hot Butter. Hehe.
DrSpatch: ::laughs::
SuperheroGrrl: My diary entyr was up, btw.
SuperheroGrrl: entry.
DrSpatch: this is officially the shittiest cover ever....::clickies on refresh diary::
DrSpatch: how many cure cd's do you own?
SuperheroGrrl: Sorry. . .
SuperheroGrrl: One. *g*
SuperheroGrrl: Only because I couldn't download something.
SuperheroGrrl: The 13th seems cheerful enough. Although for the 'wrong' reasons.
DrSpatch: Yes, it is.
DrSpatch: I love the Cure.
DrSpatch: muchly.
SuperheroGrrl: Which is why I bought the CD.
DrSpatch: ::smiles::
DrSpatch: I also am loving this diary entry....
SuperheroGrrl: I like it, although I only listened to four tracks.
SuperheroGrrl: Of course.
DrSpatch: you are quite random at times, I must say. ^_^
SuperheroGrrl: Where? Why?
DrSpatch: Nowhere in particular. More like equally everywhere. It's kind of like Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle.... the more I know where you're going, the less I know where you are. Except in a good way.
DrSpatch: "I can have a tea party with Mr. Britain Bear and Mrs. Fluffernutter. I worked this out this afternoon."
SuperheroGrrl: That was part of the drag routine. . .
DrSpatch: and I say unto you....yes, issues. the word du phone.
DrSpatch: ah, I see.
DrSpatch: that makes some sense now.....
DrSpatch: ^_^
SuperheroGrrl: Some.
DrSpatch: I. Love. Music.
SuperheroGrrl: Yes.
DrSpatch: I hate assholes.
DrSpatch: all brians are such.
SuperheroGrrl: Yes, again.
SuperheroGrrl: Of course.
SuperheroGrrl: I'd say the same about andrews.
DrSpatch: ::considers andrews::
DrSpatch: I only know one personally, and he's kind of a dick.
SuperheroGrrl: Ahh.
DrSpatch: but I love diaryland andrew.
SuperheroGrrl: Yeah. . .
SuperheroGrrl: I suppose.
SuperheroGrrl: I don't know him.
DrSpatch: I don't, really. but I definitely have more affection for him than hatred.
SuperheroGrrl: Yeah, I suppose.
DrSpatch: ::laughs::
DrSpatch: "best" + "friend" = ?????
SuperheroGrrl: That was randomish. . .
DrSpatch: it's what your diary entry reminded me of
SuperheroGrrl: What is it, though?
DrSpatch: "but those two words take on some random meaning that they don't have when they're separate."
SuperheroGrrl: I know.
DrSpatch: ???? is my clever symbolism for a random meaning
SuperheroGrrl: Loverly.
DrSpatch: sorry.
DrSpatch: <--- four hours of sleep
SuperheroGrrl: I would suggest that you sleep more, but I can't figure out a sleeping time fr you that would be copasetic to our talking.
DrSpatch: hahahaha! you said copacetic!!!!
DrSpatch: umm
DrSpatch: it'll be better when I'm not housesitting
DrSpatch: or working on mixes
DrSpatch: or being a nut
DrSpatch: actually, this has been worrying me a bit
DrSpatch: when school starts....
DrSpatch: I think we'll both have to keep more regular hours
SuperheroGrrl: But then you could have yots of sleep because I don't think I'd like you if you weren't a nut.
SuperheroGrrl: Yeah
SuperheroGrrl: And I will be busy-as-hell.
DrSpatch: meeee too
DrSpatch: email.
DrSpatch: phone cardz.
SuperheroGrrl: Yeah. . .
DrSpatch: snail mail? snail mail.
DrSpatch: weekends? sometimes.
DrSpatch: late night projects....
SuperheroGrrl: Yeah. . .
SuperheroGrrl: Like last school year, eh?
DrSpatch: yes. ::g::
DrSpatch: Late-night project land will be easier with someone I love there.
SuperheroGrrl: I agree.
SuperheroGrrl: It was before I knew I loved you.
DrSpatch: ::beams::
SuperheroGrrl: You are my sunshine?
DrSpatch: Yes.
SuperheroGrrl: It made me happy (when skies are gray) that you were mentioned in the diary review. Or, an entry about you.
SuperheroGrrl: I looked at the stars tonight. And the nice half-moon.
SuperheroGrrl: Icon?
DrSpatch: Really?
DrSpatch: Do I have one now?
DrSpatch: damn
DrSpatch: foolish computer
SuperheroGrrl: heh
DrSpatch: much better
DrSpatch: all my buddy icons are elsewhere right now.
SuperheroGrrl: Sorry. . .
DrSpatch: tis okay.
DrSpatch: I shall wander the internet naked as such for now. In forty years, I shall recover one.
SuperheroGrrl: (blink blink)
DrSpatch: see? sleep is our friend.
DrSpatch: "you can be Aaron. when I tap the rock with my staff, I must only tap once. tap. not tap tap. tpatpa might, however be acceptable."
SuperheroGrrl: (blinks some more)
DrSpatch: and that was his downfall. he didn't have faith.
DrSpatch: old bible stories.
DrSpatch: ...
DrSpatch: sorry again.
DrSpatch: I almost said "tpatpa" out loud tonight.....
DrSpatch: to val. she and jake were being cute.
SuperheroGrrl: Oh dear/
SuperheroGrrl: I say it out loud, to myself.
DrSpatch: ::grins::
DrSpatch: ::tpatpa::
SuperheroGrrl: I really should go.
SuperheroGrrl: I was told to get off when SNL was over. It is.
DrSpatch: It's one. yes. obey while you can....
DrSpatch: ::smiles::
DrSpatch: Talking to you, has, again, made everything seem much much better than it did before. I'm not even all worn out anymore.... we should market you.
DrSpatch: Clarissa-in-a-Bottle
SuperheroGrrl: But then I would be in a bottle.
DrSpatch: Hmm.
DrSpatch: ALways that damned logic.
DrSpatch: Ah well.
DrSpatch: Has the time come, then?
SuperheroGrrl: The Walrus said.
SuperheroGrrl: The Walrus being my father, as opposed to Paul.
DrSpatch: Yes. to an owl or something.
DrSpatch: Yes yes.
DrSpatch: Is the walrus there?
DrSpatch: ::cowers::
DrSpatch: they have nasty big pointy teeth
DrSpatch: val got a diaryland diary today
SuperheroGrrl: No, he doesn't. And isn't.
SuperheroGrrl: Where is her site?
DrSpatch: e-val.diaryland.com
DrSpatch: we designed it together
SuperheroGrrl: Cute name.
DrSpatch: she drew the picture
DrSpatch: she was bitter that eval was taken
DrSpatch: cause there aren't any entries up at it
SuperheroGrrl: Nasty big pointy teeth, eh?
SuperheroGrrl: She could email them.
DrSpatch: yes
DrSpatch: we're both monty python fans
DrSpatch: no, she gave up.
SuperheroGrrl: I really rather want to untemplate them. . .
SuperheroGrrl: Her, even.
DrSpatch: I'm the guy that claps.
DrSpatch: yeah....
DrSpatch: we had five minutes to do it
SuperheroGrrl: Lovely.
DrSpatch: I stole the picture off her webpage.
SuperheroGrrl: Good job.
DrSpatch: ::bows::
DrSpatch: hey, should I wait to mail this stuff to SD?
SuperheroGrrl: Yeah. . .
SuperheroGrrl: Well. . .
SuperheroGrrl: Unless you do it tomorrow.
DrSpatch: No.
DrSpatch: Not a chance.
DrSpatch: also
SuperheroGrrl: I leave next Friday.
DrSpatch: tomorrow is Sunday.
SuperheroGrrl: Ah.
SuperheroGrrl: IM opens:

StimpyGirl: i love yoiu and miss you and where are you? bye!
StimpyGirl signed off at 1:19:53 AM.
DrSpatch: surry. ah well. did your mom send her men up to pack your room?
DrSpatch: a wtf moment if there ever was one....
DrSpatch: is that erica?
SuperheroGrrl: No.
SuperheroGrrl: A friend that I rarely talk to.
SuperheroGrrl: She hasn't yet.
SuperheroGrrl: I need to figure up a bit of stuff first.
DrSpatch: I found a reference to Agent Mom in your diary somewhere
DrSpatch: are you taking everything?
SuperheroGrrl: Did you? I don't think there was one.
SuperheroGrrl: No. I
SuperheroGrrl: I'm not.
SuperheroGrrl: I have some furniture and stuff. . .
DrSpatch: ah. beeg stuff.
SuperheroGrrl: Yeah.
DrSpatch: also, val gets mad extra props tonight.
SuperheroGrrl: Because?
DrSpatch: because she went in with me to split a 6 pack of 100 minute phone cards. so we each get 300 minutes. however, we have to wait for my contact to make this purchase. my contact being hilly, who was not home. I put the money under her keyboard and left her a note on her desktop.
SuperheroGrrl: yay for phonecards!
DrSpatch: yes yes. it is a happy happy thing.
DrSpatch: hilly will be confoozed.
DrSpatch: did I steal that from you?
DrSpatch: I think I did.
SuperheroGrrl: Maybe.
SuperheroGrrl: I don't know where the Agent Mom ref was. . .
DrSpatch: "if maybe means yes..."
DrSpatch: I know where it was
SuperheroGrrl: I mentioned that she was on surveillance. . .
SuperheroGrrl: But wait, I was going. . .
DrSpatch: "My mother told me all about her surveillence. . . It was really interesting, and scary because she's my mother. . . But she got to drive really fast and junk."
DrSpatch: yes.
DrSpatch: yes you were. you need sleep, too, I suspect. you're probably still all emotionally drained and whatnot.
SuperheroGrrl: I'll always be emotionally drained.
SuperheroGrrl: But you're great for me.
SuperheroGrrl: SPDER!
DrSpatch: Yes. I'm always here.
DrSpatch: ::ducks::
SuperheroGrrl: In between the brick wall and some putty to the regular walL!
DrSpatch: The emotional tap, or something....
SuperheroGrrl: Three big wiggly legs!
DrSpatch: only three?
DrSpatch: can you squish it?
SuperheroGrrl: I think I'll go quickly now, before it comes out.
DrSpatch: good call.
DrSpatch: it is a sigh.
DrSpatch: ::smooches::
DrSpatch: g'night.
SuperheroGrrl: I can't see it now. . .
DrSpatch: sleep well.
SuperheroGrrl: Love. . .
DrSpatch: Love.
SuperheroGrrl: I hope it went back into the brick wall. . .
SuperheroGrrl: Email. . .
DrSpatch: Email?
SuperheroGrrl: Yes. Kisses. And junk.
SuperheroGrrl signed off at 4:21:06 AM.