DrSpatch: ::GLOMP::
SuperheroGrrl: dot dot dot
DrSpatch: no, not chomp....
DrSpatch: how're you?
SuperheroGrrl: meh
DrSpatch: meh?
DrSpatch: what did you do today?
SuperheroGrrl: i don't know.
DrSpatch: Hmm.
DrSpatch: That is somewhat worrisome.
SuperheroGrrl: yeah. . .
DrSpatch: If I were on wheel of fortune right now
DrSpatch: I would like to buy a specific
SuperheroGrrl: But you aren't.
DrSpatch: No.
DrSpatch: So instead
DrSpatch: I will do such:
DrSpatch: What's up, kiddo?
DrSpatch: ::hug::
SuperheroGrrl: I don't know.
SuperheroGrrl: Nothing.
DrSpatch: is this a depressed nothing, or a bored nothing, or a whatever I don't care nothing?
SuperheroGrrl: Depressed nothing. I don't know why.
SuperheroGrrl: Would I EVER give you a 'whatever I don't care' nothing, honey?
DrSpatch: No, you wouldn't. Unless you were really depressed....
DrSpatch: in which case
DrSpatch: it would be a depressed nothing
SuperheroGrrl: What?
DrSpatch: sorry, cyclical logic
DrSpatch: my recommend imood book is lenore.....
SuperheroGrrl: lovely.
DrSpatch: yes.
DrSpatch: sigh.
DrSpatch: ::tickles Clarissa::
SuperheroGrrl: (sigh)
DrSpatch: ::gives up on tickling, instead just holding clarissa::
SuperheroGrrl: Thank you. ..
DrSpatch: Dearest.
DrSpatch: ::sighs::
SuperheroGrrl: (smooch)
DrSpatch: ::huggles::
DrSpatch: now it's telling me to read sailor moon....^_^;;;;
SuperheroGrrl: Just a second. . . I'll be right back . . .
DrSpatch: sailor moon and lenore.......
DrSpatch: okay
SuperheroGrrl signed off at 1:21:11 AM.
SuperheroGrrl signed on at 1:21:50 AM.
SuperheroGrrl signed off at 1:22:29 AM.
SuperheroGrrl signed on at 1:22:50 AM.
SuperheroGrrl: and i return.
DrSpatch: at last.
DrSpatch: ::laughs::
SuperheroGrrl: oh yeah
DrSpatch: check out your imood on your webpage
SuperheroGrrl: (sigh)
DrSpatch: ::hugs clarissa muchly for her evil car::
SuperheroGrrl: Icky car.
DrSpatch: naming things kurt does not make them very.....
DrSpatch: wanting to work muchly good....
SuperheroGrrl: (refrains from smacking)
DrSpatch: I'm sorry.
DrSpatch: that was stupid of me.
DrSpatch: ::feels bad for making bad, bad, stupid, not good joke::
SuperheroGrrl: no.
DrSpatch: I make things better.
SuperheroGrrl: You do.
DrSpatch: ::works::
SuperheroGrrl: (clings)
DrSpatch: ::enjoys clinging::
SuperheroGrrl: ...
DrSpatch: ah, my little saran wrap....
SuperheroGrrl: cling.
DrSpatch: okay, go look at my diary
SuperheroGrrl: (refresh)
DrSpatch: ::smiles::
SuperheroGrrl: (tears)
DrSpatch: ::holds::
SuperheroGrrl: These are different tears. Loud and sobby.
DrSpatch: ::kneels next to clarissa at computer::
DrSpatch: ::puts one arms around her shoulders::
DrSpatch: ::cups cheek in other hand::
DrSpatch: ::wipes away tears::
DrSpatch: ::rests Clarissa's head on courtney's shoulder::
DrSpatch: ::lets Clarissa cry it out::
SuperheroGrrl: oh courtney. . .
DrSpatch: ::holds her until a long time after she's done crying::
SuperheroGrrl: you're the only person who's ever let me wallow, made me wallow. . .
DrSpatch: sometimes you need to, dearest.
DrSpatch: you need to feel what you feel when you feel it, because it needs to be felt.
SuperheroGrrl: yrsh. . .
DrSpatch: ::shakes head sagely, then smiles lopsidedly::
SuperheroGrrl: I don't want to go. . .
DrSpatch: but you need to.
DrSpatch: I probably should, too
DrSpatch: before Laura decides to eat me cause she's trying to sleep
SuperheroGrrl: (salty blinks)
SuperheroGrrl: yes...
DrSpatch: things will be okay, Rissa-Bear.
DrSpatch: ::smiles/grins::
DrSpatch: go get some sleep.
DrSpatch: sleep makes things better.
SuperheroGrrl: sleep?
DrSpatch: yes. a thing that humans do, occasionally.
DrSpatch: though not me.
SuperheroGrrl: Yeah.
SuperheroGrrl: And you're magical.
DrSpatch: Yes. ::bows:: which negates all sleep-related habits. but makes you happy, so not much else really matters.
SuperheroGrrl: (returns to the salty bashful pose)
DrSpatch: ::smiles lotses::
DrSpatch: or, as you so cutely say
DrSpatch: yots
SuperheroGrrl: Do I?
DrSpatch: yes
DrSpatch: you do
SuperheroGrrl: oh
DrSpatch: at least, I think you do......
DrSpatch: ah well.
DrSpatch: it's cute, anyway.
DrSpatch: ^_^
SuperheroGrrl: yeah. . .
SuperheroGrrl: "And I'd give up forever to touch you."
DrSpatch: ::dies a happy death inside::
DrSpatch: or falls over
DrSpatch: or something
SuperheroGrrl: http://www.sing365.com/music/lyric.nsf/So ngUnid/A23317573866E942482568E30001234E
SuperheroGrrl: And I never thought I'd be quoting and identifying with the goo goo dolls either.
DrSpatch: ha. again, I've tricked you.
DrSpatch: yeah.
DrSpatch: it fits, though.
DrSpatch: perfectly.
DrSpatch: except, ironically, the singer doesn't want to go home.....
SuperheroGrrl: (weak grin) except for "And you can't fight the tears that ain't coming"
DrSpatch: ::laughs::
DrSpatch: oh, my Rissa-Bear.
SuperheroGrrl: But the "There's a night that never goes out" lyrics don't, either. Never never never.
SuperheroGrrl: Oddly, they played a clip of it on VH1 and that's why i looked up the lyrics.
DrSpatch: of goo goo?
SuperheroGrrl: Yes.
DrSpatch: the smiths don't want to go home because they haven't got one.....
DrSpatch: I love that song
DrSpatch: it's sooooooo pretty
DrSpatch: it makes me curl up into a ball and huggle myself
SuperheroGrrl: That might be why he doesn't either. I haven't heard it.
DrSpatch: it's on one of your mixes, actually.....
SuperheroGrrl: Neither, actually.
DrSpatch: actually actually. there we go again.
SuperheroGrrl: When I was small, I said actually a lot.
SuperheroGrrl: My great grandmother would say "Actually" and then mutter "Clarissa" under her breath.
DrSpatch: ::grins at cute younger clarissa mental image::
SuperheroGrrl: In second grade there was an "I hate Clarissa" club because I was so bossy.
SuperheroGrrl: Then the girl I had a crush on dropped out and the club fell apart.
DrSpatch: awwwwwww......
SuperheroGrrl: Now my snotty words are "apparently" and "logically."
DrSpatch: ::falls over from cuteness::
DrSpatch: ::still falls over from cuteness::
SuperheroGrrl: apparently. (weak grin)
DrSpatch: I wuv you.
SuperheroGrrl: (sigh)
SuperheroGrrl: As I you, difficultly.
SuperheroGrrl: "difficultly"
DrSpatch: yes. tis an adverb.
DrSpatch: difficultly
DrSpatch: ?
SuperheroGrrl: Question mark. Time for another cliche: "wish you were here!"
DrSpatch: ah.
DrSpatch: yes.
DrSpatch: me too.
SuperheroGrrl: It reeks of platinum blonde beehives and exclamation points.
DrSpatch: and vacations in florida
DrSpatch: and california
DrSpatch: ^_^
DrSpatch: sigh.
SuperheroGrrl: The goo goo guy purses his lips like john cameron mitchell.
SuperheroGrrl: With two l's.
SuperheroGrrl: erica added you to her profile. . .
DrSpatch: she read my whole diary
SuperheroGrrl: heh, holencike-student-simonsrock et cetera?
DrSpatch: yes
DrSpatch: ^_^
SuperheroGrrl: I told her. She's like "well, that's private. . ."
DrSpatch: ::laughs::
DrSpatch: wait, what did you tell her?
SuperheroGrrl: the host.
DrSpatch: yes.
DrSpatch: good good.
DrSpatch: I have mighty tough hands
DrSpatch: from playing bass
SuperheroGrrl: (tries to stop accepting cheesy janet jackson love-is-exciting song)
SuperheroGrrl: bass
DrSpatch: even val can't crush them.
DrSpatch: bass.
DrSpatch: not "b-ass"
DrSpatch: "base"
SuperheroGrrl: damn.
SuperheroGrrl: yes.
SuperheroGrrl: i know.
SuperheroGrrl: i'm a clever one.
DrSpatch: good good
DrSpatch: that you are
SuperheroGrrl: "not tare. tear."
DrSpatch: yes yes. ^_^
SuperheroGrrl: my foot hurts.
SuperheroGrrl: and i treked up hills.
DrSpatch: I know
DrSpatch: ::rebandages foot::
SuperheroGrrl: it's still in my moccasin.
SuperheroGrrl: which doesn't look right.
DrSpatch: hmm
DrSpatch: your poor foot.
DrSpatch: it goes through much.
SuperheroGrrl: But it loves you.
DrSpatch: ::ponders::
DrSpatch: If you say so.
DrSpatch: foot.
DrSpatch: heh.
DrSpatch: anyway
DrSpatch: I've realy got to go, and you should too.
DrSpatch: Sleep helps.
DrSpatch: Huggle something. Name it Courtney.
SuperheroGrrl: (nudges with foot.)
DrSpatch: ::cheeky grin::
DrSpatch: hehehehe
SuperheroGrrl: I could change Spud's name. . .
SuperheroGrrl: (ponders)
SuperheroGrrl: I never thought I could accept a courtney. . .
DrSpatch: Or nickname it Courtney.....
DrSpatch: why not?
SuperheroGrrl: why do you think, doll?
DrSpatch: ::ponders more::
DrSpatch: not because of the being friends with barbie thing....
DrSpatch: oh
DrSpatch: courtney love.
SuperheroGrrl: No!
DrSpatch: no?
SuperheroGrrl: The crazy cousin thing!
SuperheroGrrl: DUH!
DrSpatch: OH
DrSpatch: I hated her
SuperheroGrrl: So you informed me.
DrSpatch: she wore orange lipstick
DrSpatch: yes yes
SuperheroGrrl: (wonders if she feels heartache or hunger. . .)
DrSpatch: I would eat something, to be on the safe side
SuperheroGrrl: That's no fun. . .
DrSpatch: have you eaten well today?
SuperheroGrrl: I had toast.
SuperheroGrrl: With peanut butter.
DrSpatch: clarissa!
DrSpatch: hmm.
SuperheroGrrl: A bad peach.
SuperheroGrrl: A good nectarine.
SuperheroGrrl: Half.
DrSpatch: that is all?
SuperheroGrrl: mmm. . . crackers.
DrSpatch: then go eat.
SuperheroGrrl: There's nothing to eat, though. . .
DrSpatch: nothing at all?
DrSpatch: sam had nothing, which meant she was eating mouldy salsa....
SuperheroGrrl: Nothing that I'm interested in eating.
DrSpatch: ah.
DrSpatch: bad excuse, but I'm not arguing.
DrSpatch: In fact, now I'm really actually for real going to bed.
SuperheroGrrl: (clings)
DrSpatch: ::wishes she could stay::
SuperheroGrrl: Just remember that I'm clinging. Because I love you.
DrSpatch: I will remember. I will have wonderful dreams about it.
DrSpatch: Because I love you.
DrSpatch: ::smooches and huggles and holds and loves::
SuperheroGrrl: (does her best to think of a better cheesy but true response and fails. attempts to mentally radiate love)
DrSpatch: ::feels loved::
DrSpatch: G'night, Dearest. Sleep well, please. Dream of me. ^_^
SuperheroGrrl: And attempt to remember it. . . . .
DrSpatch: you don't even have to do that. just enjoy it while it happens.
DrSpatch: ta!
SuperheroGrrl: adios, babe.