SuperheroGrrl: Meow.
DrSpatch: ::purrs::
DrSpatch: ::pets clarissa::
SuperheroGrrl: I don't think you can be the cat and the petter.
SuperheroGrrl: "petter"
DrSpatch: ::laughs::
DrSpatch: okay then
DrSpatch: I'll be the petter
DrSpatch: but only if you are the cat
SuperheroGrrl: Yesm.
DrSpatch: good.
SuperheroGrrl: (sigh)
DrSpatch: ::strokes Clarissa's hair::
SuperheroGrrl: Thank you.
DrSpatch: I'm talking to Laura's roommate, who is about three feet away, over IM
SuperheroGrrl: Lovely.
DrSpatch: ::sighs::
SuperheroGrrl: Yesm?
DrSpatch: ::cocks head to one side and grins::
SuperheroGrrl: eh
DrSpatch: I like my imood
DrSpatch: the gothic one
DrSpatch: it makes me laugh
DrSpatch: because I"m an art histoyr nerd
DrSpatch: so how're you?
SuperheroGrrl: meh
DrSpatch: meh is better than blah
DrSpatch: I realized something yesterday
DrSpatch: and now I'm going to tell it to you
DrSpatch: because that's teh logical thing to do
DrSpatch: yes.
SuperheroGrrl: Shoot.
DrSpatch: no one should always feel happy, because that would be a miserable, false existence. but, even if you aren't feeling a happy mood, you can still feel loved, which is good. not feeling loved is a way that I hope none of my friends ever feel, even if they're unhappy.
DrSpatch: I love you more than french fries love ketchup.
SuperheroGrrl: That makes sense.
SuperheroGrrl: Although my diary that I'm typing currently reads:
SuperheroGrrl: I'm so depressed. There's no reason for me to be depressed. I have Courtney, I have lots of friends who love me. . . But I'm still depressed.

DrSpatch: yes.
DrSpatch: see?
DrSpatch: you're unhappy.
DrSpatch: but do you feel loved?
DrSpatch: you can be honest if you don't.....
DrSpatch: I'm just asking....
SuperheroGrrl: I know that people love me.
DrSpatch: but do you feel it?
DrSpatch: you can tell me to shut up at any point in time........
DrSpatch: I'm just in a prodding mood again
DrSpatch: bad Courtney....
SuperheroGrrl: I realize that you like me. I know that some of my friends really care about me. . .
DrSpatch: Again, this is your brain speaking.
DrSpatch: what does your heart say?
SuperheroGrrl: I don't know, I don't know, I don't know. . .
DrSpatch: shhhh.
DrSpatch: ::huggles::
DrSpatch: sorry.
DrSpatch: you don't have to respond.
DrSpatch: don't get upset, please.....
SuperheroGrrl: I appreciate it, though.
SuperheroGrrl: I'm not upset.
DrSpatch: ::makes voice crack::
SuperheroGrrl: I'm frustrated.
DrSpatch: yes, I can tell.
DrSpatch: you're moving.
DrSpatch: things are screwy
SuperheroGrrl: I'm frustrated that you can think so amazingly clearly. . .
DrSpatch: O_o.....that's the first time anyone's said anything even remotely like that to me.....
SuperheroGrrl: That's how I feel, though.
DrSpatch: yay for feelings!
SuperheroGrrl: Yeah. . .
DrSpatch: lately my obsession is asking ppl how they feel
DrSpatch: and prodding them until they give me a truthful answer
SuperheroGrrl: I don't know, though.
SuperheroGrrl: It's helpful.
DrSpatch: do you think about it more, then?
SuperheroGrrl: Yes.
SuperheroGrrl: I wish you could see my diary entry, but it isn't done. . .
DrSpatch: you could cut and paste bits of it to me.... or just finish it and then tell me...... either way.
SuperheroGrrl: Yeah, I'm finishing it. . .
DrSpatch: good.
SuperheroGrrl: (poke poke)
SuperheroGrrl: Unedited, it is up for you.
DrSpatch: ::runs away to look::
SuperheroGrrl: Lots of commas.
DrSpatch: yeth
SuperheroGrrl: Oh well. I think in commas.
DrSpatch: ::finishes reading::
DrSpatch: ::GLOMP::
DrSpatch: Clarissa....
DrSpatch: ::voice cracks::
SuperheroGrrl: (changes subject) Very many pronouns.
DrSpatch: ::heart cracks::
SuperheroGrrl: (hugs)
DrSpatch: my eyebrow is twitching right now, for you.
SuperheroGrrl: (worried)
SuperheroGrrl: The song is on TV!
DrSpatch: no, it's okay. it does that sometime.
the song!

SuperheroGrrl: Superman - Five for Fighting!
(ignores and watches TV)

DrSpatch: what channel?
SuperheroGrrl: vh1, but it's a diff time zone. . .
DrSpatch: true enough
DrSpatch: ah well
DrSpatch: Laura is sleeping anyway
DrSpatch: Tara and I are still talking...
DrSpatch: it's strange....
DrSpatch: what ring are you wearing?
SuperheroGrrl: My father gave me a ring when I was in sixth grade, I've worn it since then.
SuperheroGrrl: Pretty song.
DrSpatch: It made me cry.
SuperheroGrrl: (hug)
DrSpatch: I am glad that you can talk to me. I would worry muchly muchly if you had no one to talk to.
DrSpatch: I wishly wishly wishly wishly wish that you had someone like me that you knew IRL, though....
SuperheroGrrl: I can talk to some people, I just don't tell them everything. . .
DrSpatch: yeah
DrSpatch: you know what?
DrSpatch: every person brings you a set of problems along with whatever problem solving skills that they have
SuperheroGrrl: mhmm...
DrSpatch: so it would be really hard to talk about all of your problems with only one person
DrSpatch: because that personb
DrSpatch: being close to you
DrSpatch: probably has given you a unique set of problems involving them being there
SuperheroGrrl: Yeah, I suppose. . .
DrSpatch: that's my theory for the evening, anyway
DrSpatch: like I could tell peggy all of my family issues
SuperheroGrrl: But not your friend issues because she knew them. . .
DrSpatch: no, not my peggy issues because she would have been offended
DrSpatch: I told her my critter issues
DrSpatch: well, she reads my diary
SuperheroGrrl: Yeah. . .
SuperheroGrrl: (hug)
DrSpatch: ::returns hug::
SuperheroGrrl: Thank you.
DrSpatch: ::smiles:: yots and yots.
SuperheroGrrl: The goo goo dolls's iris was on when i was eating my lunch thing today. . .
DrSpatch: where?
SuperheroGrrl: tv. . . vh1, i think. . .
SuperheroGrrl: yeah, they were doing movie songs.
DrSpatch: LOL, you have an obsession with VH1
SuperheroGrrl: not really. . .
SuperheroGrrl: that's just what i land on, because mtv is dumb.
SuperheroGrrl: i was actually watching KItH.
DrSpatch: ahh
DrSpatch: me get it
SuperheroGrrl: Right now, battlebots is on.
SuperheroGrrl: I don't like it.
SuperheroGrrl: FLINSTONES!
DrSpatch: poor comedy central
DrSpatch: actually
DrSpatch: my secret dream is to build one
SuperheroGrrl: Tut tut.
SuperheroGrrl: *g*
DrSpatch: ::wiggles ears::
SuperheroGrrl: Good job!
SuperheroGrrl: That's one odd physical trick that I can't do.
DrSpatch: I can.
DrSpatch: it took years, though
DrSpatch: like raising one eyebrow
SuperheroGrrl: Yeah.
SuperheroGrrl: I can raise one eyebrow by itself, but not the other. . .
DrSpatch: I can only do my right one now, but my left is getting there
DrSpatch: I need to practice more
SuperheroGrrl: I can only do my left. *g*
DrSpatch: ::wonders about the hidden symbolism of this::
SuperheroGrrl: SeaWolf133: well i hate to tell ya but men arent the best at hints or hidden meanings
SeaWolf133: if you havent noticed
SuperheroGrrl: You've told me before.
SuperheroGrrl: That's why I don't get involved with men. Lesbianism. It works.
DrSpatch: ::laughs::
DrSpatch: good for you!
SuperheroGrrl: Oh no, not hidden symbolism!
SuperheroGrrl: That's Andrew, the one who has decided I'm his best friend.
DrSpatch: very not hidden, actually.....
DrSpatch: awww
DrSpatch: poor kid....
SuperheroGrrl: SeaWolf133: well i hope in your new environt ment you can be really happu
SeaWolf133: its just kinda stink that i couldnt have gotten to know you better before now
DrSpatch: poor kid....
SuperheroGrrl: He's also good friends with the other junior dyke, but he doesn't know she's a dyke.
DrSpatch: kat?
SuperheroGrrl: No, Kat's straight.
SuperheroGrrl: Unfortunately. *g*
SuperheroGrrl: And a soph.
DrSpatch: ::laughs at cute Clarissa::
DrSpatch: I've said that many a time...
DrSpatch: I'm saying it now, actually
DrSpatch: ::glances behind self::
SuperheroGrrl: Ouch.
SuperheroGrrl: Kat knows that all the dykes like her.
SuperheroGrrl: She sometimes wishes that she was a dyke.
DrSpatch: awww
DrSpatch: Chels used to do that, after she got over being a horrible homophobe
SuperheroGrrl: Lovely. . .
DrSpatch: not really.
DrSpatch: I don't really like her, though
SuperheroGrrl: Oh.
SuperheroGrrl: dot dot dot
DrSpatch: sorry
DrSpatch: I'm writing you an email....
SuperheroGrrl: Oh. Well, you're forgiven then.
DrSpatch: ::laughs::
DrSpatch: good good
SuperheroGrrl: (pets)
SuperheroGrrl: Scooby Doo.
DrSpatch: am I?
DrSpatch: ::rolls over and exposes belly::
SuperheroGrrl: (scratch)
SuperheroGrrl: was on teevee.
DrSpatch: heheh
DrSpatch: sent.
DrSpatch: ::passes out::
SuperheroGrrl: (smooch)
DrSpatch: ::returns smooch::
DrSpatch: ::grins stupidly::
SuperheroGrrl: And Clarissa grabs Courtney by the shoulders and stares her in the eyes for a couple of seconds, before tackling her and giving her a big big hug.
DrSpatch: ::ribs crack::
SuperheroGrrl: Nope.
DrSpatch: ::cracks Clarissa's ribs, likewise:
DrSpatch: hehehe. surry.
SuperheroGrrl: Why are people always out to get Scooby Doo's people?
DrSpatch: because everyone hates a stoner....
SuperheroGrrl: hah
SuperheroGrrl: (tpatpa)
DrSpatch: ::makes happy noises::
SuperheroGrrl: We're getting bored, aren't we? *g*
SuperheroGrrl: I'm waiting to read your email. . .
DrSpatch: it will come, eventually
DrSpatch: I sent it
DrSpatch: so it has to, I think...
SuperheroGrrl: No, it's there.
SuperheroGrrl: But I'm waiting.
DrSpatch: why?
SuperheroGrrl: Because I don't want to waste the email while you're here. . .
DrSpatch: oooh
DrSpatch: well
DrSpatch: I'm working on another....
DrSpatch: hehehe
SuperheroGrrl: Hmm. . .
DrSpatch: I cannot express how much you delight me.
DrSpatch: but, you may wait
DrSpatch: I'm not sure if I say anything that you will want to discuss
DrSpatch: I forget
SuperheroGrrl: Oh. . .
SuperheroGrrl: I don't know . . .
DrSpatch: it is tough.
DrSpatch: let's talk now.
SuperheroGrrl: (wonders if she should give in to temptation. . .)
DrSpatch: I like talking to you over IM better
SuperheroGrrl: Yes. ..
DrSpatch: ::mostly ignores email in reply box::
DrSpatch: so what did you do with you 1,042 peaches?
DrSpatch: or however many there were
DrSpatch: 1542?
DrSpatch: I can't remember now...
SuperheroGrrl: 1240
SuperheroGrrl: You were close.
DrSpatch: I knew there was a 2 and 4 in there
SuperheroGrrl: I put them in the compost bin.
SuperheroGrrl: They were small.
DrSpatch: Good good.
SuperheroGrrl: And orange. Yellow. Ish.
DrSpatch: Save the planet and all.
SuperheroGrrl: Bugs. . . :-(
DrSpatch: ickles
DrSpatch: ::sighs::
DrSpatch: I missed you muchly today.
DrSpatch: I took a long walk and spent a lot of it thinking about you.
SuperheroGrrl: Aww. . .
SuperheroGrrl: I thought about taking a walk and then realized that my foot would hurt.
DrSpatch: ::tpatpa's foot::
DrSpatch: I would huggle it, but that would be odd, somehow....
SuperheroGrrl: Yes.
SuperheroGrrl: (sings) We're having a heat wave. . . A tropical heat wave. . .
DrSpatch: are you really?
SuperheroGrrl: Jon Stewart says so.
SuperheroGrrl: Not quite in those words, tho.
DrSpatch: I love him
SuperheroGrrl: Yes.
SuperheroGrrl: Icky, my fingers hurt.
SuperheroGrrl: I tried to get thumb tacks out of my wall. . .
SuperheroGrrl: I'm very strong at pushing in thumb tacks.
SuperheroGrrl: And it bled under my fingernails.
DrSpatch: icky!
SuperheroGrrl: yes.
DrSpatch: ::hugs clarissa protectively from thumbtacks::
SuperheroGrrl: There's blood on the wall next to one I couldn't get out. It's behind my door, so my father won't find it for a while. *g*
DrSpatch: how much blood?
SuperheroGrrl: Not too much.
SuperheroGrrl: I sucked my thumb and it stopped.
DrSpatch: good.
DrSpatch: good spit.
DrSpatch: Nicole, eh?
SuperheroGrrl: Heh. . .
SuperheroGrrl: Yep.
DrSpatch: Clarissa Nicole Franta.
DrSpatch: ::swoons::
SuperheroGrrl: (whimper)
DrSpatch: how do you say Franta?
DrSpatch: Fr-ah-nta or Fr-an-ta?
SuperheroGrrl: aaaah! type a. not an.
DrSpatch: Like Fanta.
DrSpatch: hehehe.
SuperheroGrrl: Yep.
SuperheroGrrl: Fanta with an r.
DrSpatch: Yay!
DrSpatch: I'm obsessed with Fanta
SuperheroGrrl: heh, I think you mentioned it once.
SuperheroGrrl: We don't have it much around here.
SuperheroGrrl: The buddhist boy's last name is Hansen.
SuperheroGrrl: He drinks Hansen smoothies for lunch.
DrSpatch: hehehe, cute boy
DrSpatch: there is no Fanta here
DrSpatch: I've only had it in Italy
SuperheroGrrl: Oh.
SuperheroGrrl: That makes me feel better.
SuperheroGrrl: His mother is the Japanese teacher. She is very white, but thinks she's Japanese. She also teaches French.
DrSpatch: Hmm.
DrSpatch: Befuddling.
SuperheroGrrl: It's fun.
SuperheroGrrl: Kinda explains the Buddhism, though.
DrSpatch: ::laughs::
SuperheroGrrl: He lived in Japan for a couple of years.
DrSpatch: is that the boy with dreads? or formerly with them?
SuperheroGrrl: Yeah.
SuperheroGrrl: Courtney's diary should be updated.
DrSpatch: Courtney is writing another email to her Clarissa.....
DrSpatch: ::laughs::
DrSpatch: but
DrSpatch: as Wesley said
DrSpatch: As you wish.
SuperheroGrrl: And when he said "as you wish . . ."
DrSpatch: what he meant was
DrSpatch: I love you.
SuperheroGrrl: I say "as you wish" a lot.
DrSpatch: I do sometimes
SuperheroGrrl: But when I say it to you, I will mean it. . .
SuperheroGrrl: See, you're a good art kid. Your discriptions are great. Both of Ballast and Dadaism.
DrSpatch: ::beams from last two commments::
SuperheroGrrl: I have trouble remembering that you're an art kid, though.
SuperheroGrrl: You don't ooze it.
DrSpatch: art history.
DrSpatch: it's really different.
SuperheroGrrl: Yeah. . .
SuperheroGrrl: Whatever I do, I will ooze it.
DrSpatch: I've never had a studio class.
SuperheroGrrl: It's hard to ooze art history? *g*
DrSpatch: ::laughs::
DrSpatch: yes, without being a complete nerd
DrSpatch: which I am, but still...
SuperheroGrrl: It's fun to be a nerd.
DrSpatch: that it is. ::g::
SuperheroGrrl: We have lots of ice cream here.
DrSpatch: will you eat it?
DrSpatch: you ate your dinner
DrSpatch: so yer allowed
SuperheroGrrl: I don't know, I was supposed to be in bed forty-five minutes ago.
DrSpatch: sigh
DrSpatch: Clarissa....::laughs::
DrSpatch: you crack me up.
SuperheroGrrl: Upstairs, in the kitchen, is vanilla ice cream. And the chocolate is gone. Downstairs is vanilla with chocolate. Also unopened strawberry cheesecake.
DrSpatch: which is bestest?
SuperheroGrrl: (ignores the laughing and finishes her ice cream inventory. . .)
DrSpatch: ::laughs harder::
SuperheroGrrl: I haven't had the strawberry cheesecake, but I'm not supposed to open it.
SuperheroGrrl: Probably.
DrSpatch: ::tpatpa::
SuperheroGrrl: The vanilla with chocolate is probably good, but is one of those huge heavy tubs. Not huge parlor-sized huge, but big.
DrSpatch: yay
DrSpatch: I know what you mean
DrSpatch: you might just want to skip it, then
SuperheroGrrl: Vanilla is boring, though. And we have no decent sugar in this house.
SuperheroGrrl: (read: chocolate)
DrSpatch: yah, I know how that goes
SuperheroGrrl: I don't know.
SuperheroGrrl: I have chocolate covered soybeans. . .
DrSpatch: still?
DrSpatch: you've had those for a while
SuperheroGrrl: Yeah.
DrSpatch: ever figure out why all the chocolate jumped off the one?
SuperheroGrrl: There were quite a few of them.
SuperheroGrrl: Nope.
SuperheroGrrl: I never found the chocolate.
SuperheroGrrl: Someone killed the spider in the bathroom.
DrSpatch: good of them, I think.
SuperheroGrrl: It was in the toilet this morning. Dead.
SuperheroGrrl: At least put it in the garbage, crumpled up. Or flush the toilet.
SuperheroGrrl: Don't just leave it there. . .
DrSpatch: maybe it was trying to swim
DrSpatch: and it drowned
DrSpatch: because the lifeguard one
DrSpatch: took a break
SuperheroGrrl: On a kleenex.
DrSpatch: and then someone killed it and threw it away, so the other one drowned
DrSpatch: yes!
DrSpatch: the kleenex was the surfboard
SuperheroGrrl: Right. . .
SuperheroGrrl: Of course.
DrSpatch: you know you believe me.
SuperheroGrrl: Yes.
DrSpatch: ::grins cheekily::
SuperheroGrrl: Always.
SuperheroGrrl: Cheeky is such a good word.
DrSpatch: It is...
DrSpatch: I love it
SuperheroGrrl: "What a terrible time to buy a chocolate hammock!" - Jon Stewart\
DrSpatch: ahahahahahahaa
DrSpatch: love him
DrSpatch: LOVE him
DrSpatch: he's so great
SuperheroGrrl: I hate that they animated the moment of zen.
DrSpatch: I had a scary thought!
DrSpatch: ::hides::
SuperheroGrrl: It was better when it was just a frozen clip. . .
SuperheroGrrl: Uh oh. . .
DrSpatch: yes, it was
SuperheroGrrl: (restrains)
DrSpatch: I don't know if I want to share it, because it will scare you even more than me, I thinks
SuperheroGrrl: No.
SuperheroGrrl: Share away, pixette.
DrSpatch: it's a hypothetical situation
SuperheroGrrl: yesm
DrSpatch: what you'd had to decide to move a while ago and I hadn't been here to listen to you?
SuperheroGrrl: I would have gone insane.
SuperheroGrrl: Or written a lot more.
DrSpatch: this is true.
DrSpatch: poor mr. diary.
SuperheroGrrl: heh
SuperheroGrrl: Was that the end of the scary thought?
DrSpatch: yes.
DrSpatch: it was, actually
DrSpatch: now you have two emails from me
SuperheroGrrl: Yay!
DrSpatch: you have two options now
DrSpatch: I'm getting really tired
DrSpatch: so I'm getting off soon
DrSpatch: so you can read them now
DrSpatch: so if there's anything you wish to discuss....
DrSpatch: or read them after I get off
SuperheroGrrl: I think that I want to save them so that I can respond and be happy, unless there's something we SHOULD talk about. ..
DrSpatch: no, I don't think there is
DrSpatch: unless me being madly in love with the pacific ocean is an issue....
SuperheroGrrl: hah
SuperheroGrrl: that amused me.
DrSpatch: good.
DrSpatch: because we all know
SuperheroGrrl: Sam's a good babe.
DrSpatch: that she is.
DrSpatch: I yike her yots and yots
DrSpatch: ::grins cheekily::
DrSpatch: nice imood, chica
SuperheroGrrl: Gracias.
SuperheroGrrl: Hah, I just found one of my old project webpages. . .
DrSpatch: ::listens to can't take my eyes off of you, which was coincidentally on laura's computer::
SuperheroGrrl: (snuggle)
DrSpatch: ::snuggles muchly::
SuperheroGrrl: It's so weird that I'm so comfortable with you. . .
SuperheroGrrl: so.
DrSpatch: because we've never actually met?
DrSpatch: Hilly's randomass quote on that was
DrSpatch: "you've done everything but meet. meeting can be trivial."
SuperheroGrrl: Lovely.
DrSpatch: but then, there are those times when I'd ::fuckfuckfuckfuckfuck it:: give up forever to touch you
SuperheroGrrl: (laughs)
SuperheroGrrl: It was so horribly appropriate.
SuperheroGrrl: There are so many sappy love songs out there.
DrSpatch: it is.....
DrSpatch: yes
DrSpatch: yots of them are on your mix....but none of the really bad pop ones. at least, none of them from this year.
SuperheroGrrl: Heh.
SuperheroGrrl: I was thinking of doing a "sappy love song" mix for you, but I don't have time.
SuperheroGrrl: There's not a burner at my mum's.
DrSpatch: aww, that is sad
DrSpatch: but it will be okay
SuperheroGrrl: And I don't know when TCP will be done, I feel bad that everything's going to take so long and be so interrupted. . .
DrSpatch: don't.
DrSpatch: feel bad, that is
SuperheroGrrl: Yeah. . .
DrSpatch: it is for a good cause
SuperheroGrrl: Hah. . .
SuperheroGrrl: My mental health?
DrSpatch: and you're an activist
DrSpatch: yes.
SuperheroGrrl: It certainly needs a lot of work.
DrSpatch: and thusly mine.
SuperheroGrrl: I suppose.
SuperheroGrrl: Being so entwined with random people worries me, but makes me happy. Because you're so wonderfully not random.
SuperheroGrrl: I also rarely use the word 'wonderful.' It's funny how I need to repeat these musings so much.
SuperheroGrrl: hah, and then there's
DrSpatch: ::ponders link::
DrSpatch: ::huggles Clarissa::
SuperheroGrrl: I think it's funny.
DrSpatch: I worry about you, and I worry about being here for you. Cause I know that I'm not really really there for you, cause I'm so far away. But I want to *so much*.....
SuperheroGrrl: And you are *so* (as it were: ) here.
DrSpatch: I guess it is good that I'm not there now
DrSpatch: because I was there
DrSpatch: in Tacoma
SuperheroGrrl: Yeah.
DrSpatch: it would be even harder for you to leave...
SuperheroGrrl: That was my friend Hannah. "So is she in Tacoma?" "No." "So is she in California?" "No. Ohio." "Oh. I know how you feel. Mine is in Texas."
SuperheroGrrl: "This is ridiculous. You guys should be friends. You're both equally. . . Irritating." -SNL.
DrSpatch: ::smiles at first, laughs at second::
DrSpatch: Hannah is my middle name
DrSpatch: spelled like that, even.
SuperheroGrrl: Yes.
DrSpatch: but you knew that....
DrSpatch: awww.
SuperheroGrrl: But she's a cute little Asian girl.
DrSpatch: ::tpatpa's Hannah::
SuperheroGrrl: palindrome.
DrSpatch: yes yes
DrSpatch: not Bob
DrSpatch: like DJ thought
DrSpatch: DJ = Dr. Jones
SuperheroGrrl: Lovely.
SuperheroGrrl: Which I've adopted just recently and said too much tonight.
DrSpatch: ::shrugs::
DrSpatch: I kind of like it.
DrSpatch: who's it from?
SuperheroGrrl: My twisted little mind.
DrSpatch: hehehe
DrSpatch: I like that place
SuperheroGrrl: So do I, sometimes.
SuperheroGrrl: I'm glad you do, because I like you.
SuperheroGrrl: (again)
DrSpatch: We are obnoxiously repetitive. I yike it. ::smiles::
DrSpatch: yike reminds me of dyke.....
SuperheroGrrl: Heh. . .
SuperheroGrrl: Which is appropriate, in this situation.
DrSpatch: ::laughs::
SuperheroGrrl: (really wants to read emails but knows she would be happier i nthe morning if she didn't but also knows that kari is coming over tomorrow to help her pack and she won't really have time on the computer. . .)
DrSpatch: read them now, hon
DrSpatch: you can read them again tomorrow
DrSpatch: and if you like them that much, I can probably attempt to write you again tomorrow
SuperheroGrrl: Heh. . .
SuperheroGrrl: I could read one now and then attempt not to read the other. . .
DrSpatch: the first one is longer
DrSpatch: so if you're short on time tomorrow....
DrSpatch: it would be a fast fix....
DrSpatch: to read the second one
DrSpatch: I dunno
SuperheroGrrl: That might work. . .
DrSpatch: tis up to you, honey
SuperheroGrrl: I'm so lame.
DrSpatch: well, your foot is injured....
DrSpatch: but
DrSpatch: I think you're hip as hell.
SuperheroGrrl: We already did a stupid hip pun, didn't we?
DrSpatch: I did, anyway
DrSpatch: can I say hep?
DrSpatch: can I say that I think you're hep?
SuperheroGrrl: Of course.
SuperheroGrrl: I've reduced my use of the term because I was overusing it, but it's a great word.
DrSpatch: how about copacetic? that used to be my word....
DrSpatch: it's a good word, I think
SuperheroGrrl: Heh.
SuperheroGrrl: It's funny that you can spell it either way.
SuperheroGrrl: (gives up and opens email)
DrSpatch: it is. taurean would be happy that we're discussing words.
DrSpatch: yay!
SuperheroGrrl: Yeah. . .
DrSpatch: ::watches hedwig trailer::
DrSpatch: did you put a BRA in a DRYER?!?!?!
SuperheroGrrl: That's my diaryring description.
DrSpatch: I know you love that quote
SuperheroGrrl: You can't put a bra in a dryer. It WARPS!
DrSpatch: you've said it to me over da phone
SuperheroGrrl: (excited random jazz hands)
DrSpatch: ::laughs::
SuperheroGrrl: Your email. . . We had one girl write a poem about how she was like gravy without mashed potatos.
DrSpatch: awwww
DrSpatch: ::patpats girl::
SuperheroGrrl: She was being melodramaculous.
DrSpatch: that is a great, great word
SuperheroGrrl: Yesm.
DrSpatch: where is it from?
SuperheroGrrl: SNL. Dubya.
DrSpatch: I want a foam thing
DrSpatch: the yellow hair things
DrSpatch: god this looks so good
SuperheroGrrl: (whimper)
DrSpatch: why are you whimpering now, dearest?
SuperheroGrrl: I have no idea what you're talking about.
SuperheroGrrl: If it is a movie, we can hit rewind and play it over and over again.
DrSpatch: Hedwig, of course
DrSpatch: it is a trailer, actually
DrSpatch: that's true
DrSpatch: awww
DrSpatch: if it is a movie, though, it's not real
DrSpatch: and I can already reread your emails and my saved IM conversations over and over again
SuperheroGrrl: Oh! I have a Hed-head!
DrSpatch: ::eyes get big::
DrSpatch: wow
SuperheroGrrl: You were smart enough to save them. . .
DrSpatch: I thought they might make them
SuperheroGrrl: I was thinking about it. . .
DrSpatch: I've saved some of them
DrSpatch: not all of them
SuperheroGrrl: (will take a picture with the hed-head soon.)
DrSpatch: almost all of the recent ones
DrSpatch: good good!
DrSpatch: that will be happy
SuperheroGrrl: It will be like the nose-tongue picture, though. Very lo-qual.
DrSpatch: ah, vith the vebcam
DrSpatch: this song...
DrSpatch: "sweet tooth"
DrSpatch: I think I like it
SuperheroGrrl: Heh. . .
DrSpatch: I have no idea what song it is
SuperheroGrrl: Sugar Daddy.
DrSpatch: yes.
DrSpatch: oh my goodness, but does this look excellent
SuperheroGrrl: Yes.
DrSpatch: I've watched the trailer six or seven times now
SuperheroGrrl: Yay!
SuperheroGrrl: It was a damn good trailer too.
DrSpatch: it is
DrSpatch: it's long
DrSpatch: a lot
SuperheroGrrl: That's what I was thinking.
DrSpatch: okay, I finished
DrSpatch: are you through both the emails yet?
SuperheroGrrl: I just read the first one. . .
DrSpatch: good.
DrSpatch: that's good.
DrSpatch: and the second
DrSpatch: shorter one
SuperheroGrrl: I wish I had saved it, though.
DrSpatch: will be for tomrrow
DrSpatch: awww
DrSpatch: want me to write you another?
SuperheroGrrl: You don't have to.
DrSpatch: I've already started....
SuperheroGrrl: *smooch*
DrSpatch: I can't promise that it will be long
DrSpatch: ::heart gets confused about beating::
SuperheroGrrl: My heart did this really weird palpatating thing last night. . .
DrSpatch: do you know why?
DrSpatch: ::is worried::
SuperheroGrrl: It beat three or four times quickly up high, then was regular. And it did it again a couple of seconds later.
SuperheroGrrl: I don't know, I was trying to sleep.
DrSpatch: hmm.
DrSpatch: mine is funky sometimes.
DrSpatch: heartburn?
DrSpatch: yes.
SuperheroGrrl: No, it was the beating. . .
SuperheroGrrl: Heartburn is such the wrong name for heartburn. . .
SuperheroGrrl: What's odd is today, my father reccomended me b-vitamins to me for my heart.
DrSpatch: hmm. good father.
SuperheroGrrl: I suppose.
I'm not big on vitamins and such, as I'm sure you saw.

DrSpatch: cause they're like medicin?
SuperheroGrrl: Yeh.
SuperheroGrrl: Scary.
DrSpatch: ::tpatpa::
DrSpatch: I dunno
DrSpatch: I can go both ways about that
SuperheroGrrl: Yeah?
DrSpatch: yeah.
SuperheroGrrl: No explanation. I see.
DrSpatch: like, medicine really did change mary....well, I thought hit did, but then I realized that she never actually takes it....
DrSpatch: I'm workin' on it.... ^_^
DrSpatch: it fucked up Al, Nicki's brother, but he was on some *heavy* shit
DrSpatch: like three antidepressants at once
SuperheroGrrl: But I probably would be too. . .
SuperheroGrrl: Why?
DrSpatch: he wrote a to do list
SuperheroGrrl: Shit.
DrSpatch: that included hurting their dad and nicki
SuperheroGrrl: The poor child.
DrSpatch: yeah
DrSpatch: their dad is SERIOUSLY fucked up
DrSpatch: he has severe brain damage
DrSpatch: on top of being manic depressive
SuperheroGrrl: (sigh)
DrSpatch: he had an accident when Nicki was six months old
DrSpatch: an explosion....
DrSpatch: so yeah
SuperheroGrrl: That's sad.
SuperheroGrrl: I wish the world was alright.
DrSpatch: yeah. cause he's a really sweet guy.
DrSpatch: I wish it was, too.
DrSpatch: ::tries to huggle world and recieves grievous bodily injury::
DrSpatch: but, Nicki turned out awesome
DrSpatch: she was our valedvictorian
SuperheroGrrl: But that could've been for horrible reasons. . .
DrSpatch: no, it was because she's Nicki
DrSpatch: she's really smart
DrSpatch: and has a really good outlook on life
SuperheroGrrl: Yeah, but is she really smart to make up for shit?
DrSpatch: she really tries to do the best, always, to everyone
SuperheroGrrl: I'm a pessimist, because it happens so much.
SuperheroGrrl: That's good.
DrSpatch: no, she's just smart and tries her best, which happens to be damn good.
DrSpatch: ^_^
SuperheroGrrl: I should try my best.
DrSpatch: ::huggles her pessimist::
SuperheroGrrl: Instead, I spend too much time online.
DrSpatch: we all have the option
DrSpatch: of trying our best or going insane
DrSpatch: except for ppl like Nicki
DrSpatch: who actually has reasonable expectations of herself
SuperheroGrrl: Good for her.
DrSpatch: yes.
DrSpatch: not that we're bitter.....
DrSpatch: ::laughs::
SuperheroGrrl: *g*
SuperheroGrrl: Nah.
SuperheroGrrl: I just feel that my energy should go so many other places than it does.
DrSpatch: when was the last time that someone told you you are adorable?
DrSpatch: then you need some focus, which isn't too hard to come by
SuperheroGrrl: I think it was freshman year, by one of my bois. *g*
SuperheroGrrl: What do you mean that I need focus? I have to do school, most of which is pointless. IB is a nametag I wear, that's all.
DrSpatch: if you are wishing to redirect your energies...
DrSpatch: I dunno
DrSpatch: you seem to do well enough to me
DrSpatch: aka you do the work of 50 humans
SuperheroGrrl: I do, but it's such a waste of time, energy, mental stability.
DrSpatch: quick, give me a command!
SuperheroGrrl: (whimper)
SuperheroGrrl: Diary?
DrSpatch: gah! anyone but that one.....
SuperheroGrrl: hah
SuperheroGrrl: (should really go to bed)
DrSpatch: yes you should
SuperheroGrrl: hmm...
DrSpatch: would it be easier if I got off first? ::grins::
SuperheroGrrl: Don't bother.
SuperheroGrrl: I need to toughen up.
DrSpatch: ::smiles at correctness::
SuperheroGrrl: " i'm really happy for you, about your woman, your school and all. . . i'll really miss you though! "
SuperheroGrrl: I have such amusing straight friends.
DrSpatch: yes you do
DrSpatch: ::is happy at being referred to as "[clarissa's] woman"
DrSpatch: ::laughs::
DrSpatch: yo yo yo
SuperheroGrrl: Heh, she asked for juicy details, as it were.
DrSpatch: I be yo woman
DrSpatch: ::laughs::
DrSpatch: did you give her any of these details?
SuperheroGrrl: "Ten million times better than Sasha. . ." "REALLY?...that good?...oooh baby!
SuperheroGrrl: "
DrSpatch: ::laughs::
DrSpatch: you do have such amusing straight friends
SuperheroGrrl: That's tay-parker, on dland. . .
SuperheroGrrl: We met when I was in seventh grade. She took me to my first Eve 6 concert.
DrSpatch: awwwww
DrSpatch: that's tay!
DrSpatch: I know who she is
SuperheroGrrl: Heh. . .
DrSpatch: I should have guessed by the orange
SuperheroGrrl: Yeah.
SuperheroGrrl: She's a good kid.
SuperheroGrrl: That was actually my first concert ever. . .
SuperheroGrrl: Heh, I should sleep. No ice cream for me.
DrSpatch: nope nope
DrSpatch: none, sadly
SuperheroGrrl: Hah.
DrSpatch: ::kisses Clarissa on forehead::
DrSpatch: I wish I could tuck you in....
SuperheroGrrl: My father used to tuck me in. . .
SuperheroGrrl: Until they got divorced.
DrSpatch: my dad used to carry me upstairs every night
SuperheroGrrl: Aww...
DrSpatch: and then both of my parents would tuck me in
DrSpatch: then he had back surgery..........
SuperheroGrrl: How sweet. . .
DrSpatch: I'd totally forgotten about that until now.
SuperheroGrrl: heh
SuperheroGrrl: oops
DrSpatch: hmm.
DrSpatch: I guess maybe he does love me.
DrSpatch: damn.
SuperheroGrrl: Of course he does.
DrSpatch: oops is right.
SuperheroGrrl: (huggles)
DrSpatch: thank you.
DrSpatch: dads are tricky.
SuperheroGrrl: Yes...
DrSpatch: there. I sent you a second email.
DrSpatch: so now you have two for tomorrow
DrSpatch: and you had one for tonight.
SuperheroGrrl: And I'll be a good girl and get off, I suppose.
SuperheroGrrl: Good girl two and a half hours late.
DrSpatch: sigh.
DrSpatch: ::tpatpa::
DrSpatch: ::refrains from making comment about "good girl"::
DrSpatch: ::g::
DrSpatch: I'll probably talk to you tomorrow, dearest.
SuperheroGrrl: Probably?
DrSpatch: alright
SuperheroGrrl: No more cheekiness?
DrSpatch: ^_^
DrSpatch: hehehe
DrSpatch: I'm fresh out....
SuperheroGrrl: If nothing else, I'll have emails to content myself with tomorrow.
SuperheroGrrl: Thank you so so much.
DrSpatch: I will most likely talk to you tomorrow
SuperheroGrrl: Gotta keep up on the Courtney Fix(tm)
DrSpatch: I will break peggy's arm and steal her computer and talk to you tomorrow
SuperheroGrrl: And Peggy will go "not again. . ."
DrSpatch: yes, I am addictive
DrSpatch: ^_^
DrSpatch: she will, actually
DrSpatch: hehehe
DrSpatch: she understands
SuperheroGrrl: yep
DrSpatch: yep yep.
DrSpatch: and so now.....
SuperheroGrrl: (sniff sniff)
DrSpatch: ::snuggles::
SuperheroGrrl: adios, kitten.
DrSpatch: ::smiles::
DrSpatch: later, my Rissa-Bear.
SuperheroGrrl: Once again, thank you.
SuperheroGrrl signed off at 2:57:12 AM.