musics I have seen

They Might Be Giants, 1 Peggy, Chelsea, Susan, and Erin and I went to see They Might Be Giants (then my favorite band, and still one of my very favorites) at Bogart's my sophomore year. They were totally awesome, although the guy that opened for them, Micheal Shelley, left something to be desired. I only remember two things about his music: that one of his songs started off like "What I Like About You" by The Romantics, so Peggy sang that along to whatever his song was the entire time while spinning around in circles and waving her arms up and down, and that the other song had a chorus that went something like "And we spin around and around and around and around and around..." and Peggy and maybe Chelsea and I were square dancing to it. *shrug* At least it was memorable.
I went to see BNL with Laura, Jessi, Di, and Hilly. I think it was Laura and Hilly's first concert. They put on a great show, as they are all both skilled musicians and funny humans. However, I hate Riverbend. It's huge, even with decent seats. Also, cool thing that happened: Eagle Eye Cherry, who are not my favorite band, were supposed to open, and didn't, so I accidently got to see Cowboy Mouth. Sadly, Kevin (BNL's new keyboardist) was in the hospital with leukemia, but that meant that Greg from Geggy Tah filled in. Yay awesome bands that no one else I was with had ever heard of. It was exciting for me, at least. And I think Hilly really digs Geggy Tah now. Also, I <3 Jim Creegan. Barenaked Ladies
They Might Be Giants, 2 I went to see TMBG again at "Electra" (we all know that it's really Sycamore Gardens) and it was eight million times better than the show at Bogart's, if that's possible. I went with Susan and Chelsea again, but this time no Peggy or Erin, and Critter came, too. Electra is much smaller, and the people there were much more amusing. Also, the opening band, You Were Spiraling, was much, much better than Michael Shelley. They covered "Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow", did a bit of "Always Something There to Remind Me", and ended with "Take on Me." Some of their original stuff was decent, too. What amused me, and by extension Susan, Chelsea, and Critter, was that the lead singer looks almost dead on Prince. This awesome tallish guy was standing in front of me after the conga line ended, and he was amazingly amusing. He had his own little dance for every song, and was bouncing around like a psycho. And Susan, as usual, managed to pick up a guy. Overall, my best concert experience yet. And I got a nifty t-shirt.
I went with Chelsea, Jen, Nicki, Al, Mason, and Dan Kelley. Explosion and The Lillingtons opened, but we were 20 minutes late and thus missed Explosion. The Lillingtons were great, though (best of the night, I think. Find their song "I Saw the Ape Man"), and it was a good time. All (aka "Magical Mucous Machine") sucked. Their singer must have been having the most off night of his career. The Queers were great, but like I've said before, nearly all of their songs consist of the words "fuck," "shit," and "you" in varying orders. The best part of the night was exposing "wacky watermelon" lip gloss-wearing Jen to punk culture. "BITCH AT THE COUNTER!" Talk about hardcore. Never charge Jen twice for water. The Queers and All
Duran Duran Beth P. took me to Duran Duran with her, and since this was the last year that I had a season pass to KI, my ticket was only $15, instead of $40. Tsar (a funny glam rock band) opened (it took *me* a good 20 minutes to figure out the gender of their singer) and did an awesome cover of "Larger than Life." It was nice to go to a show outdoors during the last bit of weekend of summer. Duran Duran themselves were really impressive, though I think there's only two or three members of the original band left. Simon Lebon is *amazing*. He's like 40 now and can still jump and dance and spin around. And sing. One of the best concerts I've ever been to. w00t.
I went to this concert with the music theory class, who desribed him to me as "new age jazz." Yeah, and I still went. Oh well. I took my mom, and got to spend a night with most of the Vocal Ensemble, too. The coolest part was how after the concert the vocal ensemble went down and we all waited in line to meet him, and they sang for him. He, his singer chick, and the violinist guy all signed stuff for us, as they were really excited to see people under the age of thirty there. Jim Brickman
311 Saw them with Mason and my dad. The most packed I've ever seen Bogarts. Dancing in a tight venue is a blast. It was a great live show, but I don't remember it all that well, as solid second-hand pot smoke was evidently the preferred air substitute of the evening. Ick. Zebrahead opened, and they were funny, but not exactly my musical preference. I randomly saw Katie "Decio," Mary Pa., and Jackie there, and also, but seperately, Ann Y with her bf who knows my brother. I think I liked 311 better at Warped (see below).
I think I saw Ani with Chels, Critter, Booher, and Peggy. Mason was supposed to go, but it was right after 311 and he had lots of hw that week, so Peggy got his ticket. Drums and Tuba opened, and they were awesome. Ani only played for like an hour and a half, though, which kinda pisses me off since ticks were more expensive than I'd expected, but she was in a nice venue (the Arnoff, which is where plays usually come, and where Jim Brickman was) so oh well. Still a good show. I think it was cool because Chels got to see Ani both her frosh and senior year, but no one else seems to care. Also, random person kept screaming what sounded like "Ani, you are my porpoise!!" and the two old men from the Muppets were in the balcony. I don't know, either. Ani DiFranco
High School Band Challenge High School Band Challenges at Bogarts. Okay, so I went to approximately 89234890234908342 of these during the year. But I only saved one ticket stub. They were usually decent, it was a great way to spend an evening with my friends, and we always went to Clifton Skyline after, which was nice. It was always freezing cold during these (yay winter), and I remember running from the parking lot to Bogarts and freezing. I think Krinj eventually won. Yay emo. Some of the bands really sucked, though. Oh well. Keeps things interesting.
This show was awesome. A fantastic day. I drove down with Peggy, Mason, and Mason's friends Austin and Andy. Mason dyed his hair blue, and his friends spiked theirs. It was hot as hell, and I nearly got dehydrated from walking the mile back to the car when I forgot my earplugs (holding it on a blacktop parking lot didn't help), but it still rocked. I got to see Rancid, one Misfit playing with two Ramones, the Vandals (who played all my favorite songs by them, including "Oi to the World," "My Girlfriend's Dead," and "I Have a Date"), 311 (who played all my favorite songs by them, including "Beautiful Disaster" and "Down"), Bouncing Souls, Less Than Jake (the greatest mosh pit ever), Me First and the Gimme Gimmes (who covered "Somewhere Over the Rainbow,""Don't Cry for Me Argentina," and most awesomely, "Eleanor" to the tune of "London Calling," which rocked hardcore), The Ataris, and Kool Keith. Plus several others. The only band that I wish I had seen and didn't is Jimmy Eat World, but I'm not complaining. Also, one of the art teachers at my high school, Allison, claims to have seen me there. And we even went to Clifton Skyline after. Warped Tour

No, I don't want no stubs, stubs the kind of guy that can't get no love from me...

Okay, and then there are the concerts to which I don't have a ticket stub. So...
And I haven't had access to a scanner in a long time, so ticket stubs for these concerts are forthcoming: