The Great American Conspiracy

Note: I wrote this page somewhere between midnight and two in the morning, and have no cognizant memory of posting or writing this, except that I was saying something about Godzilla.

American Icons!

Yes, good people! Icons! These seemingly innocuous symbols of various and sundry aspects of our culture are really a GREAT UNIFIED PLOT TO CONTROL OUR THINKING!
The most nefarious by far of these are the "Japanese imports" Godzilla and King Kong.

The complex symbolism involved in these cornerstones of American Mind Control™ is very subtle. But not too subtle for me! Here is what I have deciphered thus far:

King Kong -> The King -> Elvis -> Evlis -> EVILS, so King Kong -> EVILS

And Godzilla is GOD + "zilla," and a "z" is a clever sideways government disguise for two "v's", which spells "vvilla," or "villa," which means HOUSE! So GODZILLA= HOUSE OF GOD, which stands for "GOOD"!

So Godzilla v. King Kong is really a match of


Good! v. Evil!

And another thing! It's the MAMMAL that is EVIL! Promoting poor self-esteem, American Mind Control™ is! Blame it on the monkey! Monkeys are evil! How much money are therapists making each year off our deflated egos? No more, my brothers and sisters! No MORE is ANYONE going to make a MONKEY out of ME! We shall RISE TOGETHER! Let us BE ONE!