You are now reading what many people, some of which may be even odder than you, have written about my page/elves/pink/anything else they felt a need to speak of.

Herkimer P. Fudleknocker aka, Ryan - 06/29/99 05:21:55
My URL:http://idon'thaveone.none
Occupation: I wanna drive a Zamboni when I grow up.
Favorite Author: Clemens/Twain...I love people who are more cynical than I :-)
Favorite Musician: hmm...depends...what is the temperture?
Favorite Film: its all about Space Balls, but Sneakers is pretty psiffy as well
Favorite Cheese: If I were a cheese, what cheese would be? The answer? Smoked Gutta

Hmm...just what is a comment? Is it a blurb or a blump...hmm, anyway, Courtney is my Hero!! Be scared, be very scared. Some words of wisdom from Beck: 1.) Don't get bit by a rabid moose. 2.) Beware the midgets, they're planning something. 3.) Hydrochloric acid NEVER makes a good detergent. 4.) The Vortex bit me today, so beware. and finally 5.) Nevr piss off an angry Armadillo, unless you are near a lawyer...err...bait.

josh - 06/20/99 01:53:16
Occupation: home based business
Favorite Author: errrrr
Favorite Musician: right now Rufus Wainwright and the wilkinsons.
Favorite Film: pretty in pink , (at the moment)
Favorite Cheese: cheddar

Hello Satan!

Justin - 05/08/99 23:53:02
Occupation: Student and Amateur World Conqueror
Favorite Author:
Favorite Musician: Goo Goo Dolls
Favorite Film: Monty Python and the Holy Grail
Favorite Cheese: Eh?

Hey guess what! I don't like preps that much either! There's a section on my site about them you might find interesting...the password to my site is : "I can take a joke" make sure you put caps on the I or it won't work!

Blue_Robynn aka Di - 04/07/99 02:01:32
My URL:Currently unavailable
Occupation: Student at SUA
Favorite Author: Grisham, John
Favorite Musician: Bare Naked Ladies or The Goo Goo Dolls or EMF
Favorite Film: 101 Dalmatians
Favorite Cheese: Swiss or Provoloneeeeee

Hey Court! (With or without pink bows on the head)!! This is an awesome page... You always have new, interesting and funny pages. It totally fits your personality!! I must say though the penguins are great....and so is this new guestbook..... p.s. JQ needs that monkeyman thing.... p.s.s. Maybe we should JQ questions on the academic team? Then, we would be the champs.......:) Di

Mitchell Harding - 03/02/99 04:27:54
Occupation: Student
Favorite Author: Mark Twain
Favorite Musician: They Might Be Giants
Favorite Film: Bottle Rocket
Favorite Cheese: Head

Hey! Whoa! Walking pineapple!

Ghetto Spice - 02/21/99 22:35:35
Occupation: Student
Favorite Author: Agatha Christie
Favorite Musician: NSYNC and Backstreet Boys
Favorite Film: Titanic
Favorite Cheese: American

Hey Courteny, love the web page. Just remember to stay ghetto and if you ever need any pointers just ask, i'm available 24/7! Peace out homie!

Carolyn - 02/14/99 01:52:58
Occupation: ARMY Commando (no, really)
Favorite Author: J.D. Salinger
Favorite Musician: DMB
Favorite Film: Hmmm....
Favorite Cheese: you know that kind they give you on the airplane??

Courtney, this page is great! That dancing penguin is a little scary though... P.S. They're still in my mailbox!! I think they're mating...

Elizabeth - 01/14/99 02:38:53
Occupation: student
Favorite Author: you already
Favorite Musician: know
Favorite Film: all of
Favorite Cheese: this!!!!

Courtney! I didn't see myself listed under your friends. What? Am I excluded just because i happen to go to Seton? This is unconstitutional! I demand Affirmative Action! I'm moving to California! NOW!!!

Elizabeth - 01/14/99 02:31:20
Occupation: setonian(not an evil one)
Favorite Author: Robin Cook
Favorite Musician: Hole
Favorite Film: Dragon Heart
Favorite Cheese: Vermont White

HEY COURTNEY!!!! Forkin' page. Really.

Darren Medwrench - 01/07/99 14:00:15
My Email:Crud@FL.NET.AU
Occupation: Pro Yobbo
Favorite Author: Peter Purple Paint
Favorite Musician: Dimebag Darrel/Kirk Hammet
Favorite Film: Dusk Till Dawn
Favorite Cheese: Head Cheese Parafit

Ach Nein ! Du hast mein lederhosen !
Your schooling is appaling , i must say old chap !
Rabble dabble pibble pabble
yam ram doo
honky tonky chonky bonky
zim whar poo
Cat + Leg Of Mood = Cat in poo ( if leg wont move )

Lawrence - 12/31/98 16:10:27
Occupation: Factory
Favorite Author: Shel Silverstein
Favorite Musician: Bap Kennedy
Favorite Film: Buried Alive!
Favorite Cheese: yellow

This site sucks...Get something worthwhile on here.

Abby - 12/30/98 04:24:56
Occupation: student
Favorite Author: Mary Higgins Clark
Favorite Musician: Sarah McLachlan
Favorite Film: too many
Favorite Cheese: swiss

cool site

Jessica Brady - 12/29/98 03:32:34
Occupation: medical lawyer
Favorite Author: So many
Favorite Musician: Mano Yohko
Favorite Film: The Heroic Legend of Arislan Parts 1, 2, 3, and 4
Favorite Cheese: Chedder

Courtney has, for many years, been a Disciple of Rage. This is the reason, I am sure, that this web page is as great as it is! The penguin thing... beings tears to my eyes. PENGUINS! I would like you all to know that in Worold War 1, stockings were used a weapons of mass distruction. DARIEN! I LUV U!

Tippyg, aka Jessi - 12/29/98 02:41:02
Occupation: St. Ursula Student, although a career change is thankfully in the near future.
Favorite Author: Ann Martin (Yes, I still read the BSC...)
Favorite Musician: Bare Naked Ladies
Favorite Film: When Harry Met Sally
Favorite Cheese: Baby Swiss...

Hmm...I agree that Ray Liotta is evil. So is Barbie, and homophobes and pink. As for chemistry teachers that treat classes differently, I'm thinking that this should be brought to the attention of the entire student body via The Flame. And JQ always rocks End of discussion.

Peggy - 12/27/98 03:35:52
Occupation: Drone. Whoops, I mean...Student!
Favorite Author: Although I'm incredibly chuffed to have re-found my Bellairs books, I think it's really Stephen King. Also, Crighton, Adams (Doug and Scott), Puzo, and... um... ME! No, Amy da Tigger and Leslianne Wilder
Favorite Musician: Courtney is the most consistently amusing musical person I know, but Grace sings better. ^_^ No offense, C-dawg! I also like some famous people... but my dusting-induced sinus headache will not allow me to access my memory banks t the moment. Besides, asking me to pick a favorite is pointless. You'd get five or six answers at the very least.
Favorite Film: Kodak! No, um... See "Favorite Musician". But if you're looking for suggestions: The Princess Bride, The Blues Brothers (the OLD one!), Akira, The Sting (yes, I like old movies), The Dead Poets' Society, Charade (another oldie), Wait Until Dark (old, but absolutely terrifying! much better than "Scream")
Favorite Cheese: Eidle... Eidlewuss... Wewcome, Cheeses! I wont tew eeet yew awl!

Arrr, matey! I'm all out of comments! You know me and my non-comment-coming-up-with-ways. Poor Ray Liotta! He's an innocent victim, isn't he? Or maybe not, seeing as I have no idea who he is (nor do I want one, judging from Mrs. Campbell's lionization of er). I wonder what Mr. Saelens will think of your "Evil Stuff" page?
Luv Peggy & the Peeples in her Head (None of whom enjoy sinus headaches)

Boomer aka The Tonster aka Tony - 12/27/98 03:32:49
Occupation: Professional Moonie
Favorite Author: Me, I and myself. Annnnnnnnd Brian Jacques is pretty good too.
Favorite Musician: Hmm...I don't have one! It's hard to pick favorites!
Favorite Film: Arislan, the moon movies, annnnnnnd...I like some of those action blockbuster type movies
Favorite Cheese: Munster

Waaaaaaaaaaaaoooooooh!I like cheese and Sailor Moon! And JQ is cool too. Thanks for putting a link to my wondefully cool page on your page! And...Now I will recite a poem.
I like Anime
It's really cool
Sailor Moon is
Better than school

Jonny Quest
Has to be
The best non anime
cartoon for me

This page is neat
It's really spiff
I like it lots,
It's totally...nif(ty)

So this is the end
Of this gloriously wonderfully great poem
I hope you liked it
And if anyone says otherwise, blow 'em up!

Yay! I'm such a poet. I like me!

Some questions to ask yourself:
What does lather mean?
Do you wish you had a tiny fluffy purple puppy?
Where can you find your whisperly peach forest?

Grace....don't think it means anything about my personality... - 12/26/98 04:32:27
Occupation: singer until I come to my sences. Then I will be the new president of Hannah Barbera!
Favorite Author: T.H White
Favorite Musician: Rusted Root, Enigma
Favorite Film: the Princess bride.. by a far cry!
Favorite Cheese: bleu

I luv you all...and when I rule HB, we will all have a big party and Invite Yuta and darien and Jonny and Hadji and the evil fish Monger from the fic of all fics written by courtney Peggy Grace and jessica one very insane and sleepless night in a suburban home in Cincinnati!

Jen - 12/26/98 02:41:54
Occupation: NSYNC Fan Club President
Favorite Author: Nick Carter of the Backstreet Boys
Favorite Musician: NSYNC
Favorite Film: Titanic
Favorite Cheese: American

Hey Courteny! All I have to say is NSYNC rules and so the Backstreet Boys. I hope Peggy sees this!

Kevin Welch - 12/26/98 02:17:15
Occupation: Pimp
Favorite Author: Sammy Clemens
Favorite Musician: Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
Favorite Film: Casblanca
Favorite Cheese: American

I really shouldn't be signing the guest book of a self-proclaimed cyber snob. But I am a nice guy. everyone needs more kaite

Debbie Pacheco - 12/26/98 02:09:10
Occupation: I would never admit that here.
Favorite Author: So many...nothing fascinating. Fluff stuff for the most part.
Favorite Musician: Any vocalist I can sing to...
Favorite Film: The Wizard of Oz
Favorite Cheese: BRIE!!!!

I am just a little scared to spend too much time here by myself. Next time I am bringing a friend, or a Snoopy flashlight. Just in case.

VAVA goyle - 12/26/98 01:52:44
Occupation: Ruler of the Universe
Favorite Author: Me!
Favorite Musician: Me!
Favorite Film: The one where I rule the world
Favorite Cheese: HADJI!!!


C-Dawg - 12/26/98 01:41:09
Occupation: Student/Village Idiot
Favorite Author: Douglas Adams
Favorite Musician: Yanni (wow, that brain removal was FUN!)
Favorite Film: The Dark Crystal
Favorite Cheese: Pepper Jack

Hey! I finally got a guestbook setup. Have fun, and don't do anything TOO illegal! --Courtney

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