I'm excited because this links page seems a little less doomed than the last one. By the time I'd updated that black hole, every link on it but one was dead. ^_^;;;
Eater of the dead, aka a webgoblin
I tried to force these into some kind of order. All casualties were removed. Enjoy. ^_^
    Peeps that I know irl and from the www
  • Peggy's Head
    See what goes on inside of Peggy's head. This would be my friend Peggy, not Margaret Thatcher. I don't know if even she knows this page exists anymore. You might want to try here now. I think she's trying to consolidate them or something.
  • Beautiful Boy
    "witty, charming, and that was just the first page" -- says Frail of beautifulboy.com
  • Andrew's Diary
    Andrew is a crazy crazy internet man. His other (much more sporadic) page is Be Nice to Bears. (You can have a diary, too, if you go to diaryland.)
  • A Fragmentary Blue
    Katie's webpage. It's so pretty! ::drools:: Also, good, funny, sometimes bitter and usually insightful content.
  • Val's Page
    Val's webpage. She changes the color occasionally.
  • Mike's Page
    Mike, one of the few, the proud, the unhated boyfriends.

    Miscellany stuff that I don't feel like organizing
  • Homestar Runner
    This entire page is one of the most hilarious things on the entire internet. Especially this part. It makes me want to scream with delight.
  • The Thingful Thinged Thingiemabobber of Things
    This should really go under anime, but I have no clue what the hell they're talking about and I still love it.
  • A Winner is You!: Zany Video Game Quotes
    "You're pretty punk, Steve. Everyone says so."
  • Extra Flamey
    Willow/Tara fanfic. BtVS related.
    Pretty site regarding Buffy slash fic.
  • Dymphna dot net
    Fanfic/cliques galore.
  • Pickup Lines that Didn't Make It
    Another amusing item from The Electric Big-Bang Swing Machine.
  • The Linkist
    One of the oldest websites on the internet, not to mention oldest personal websites. Still kickin', too.
  • Commercial Closet
    Site detailing homosexuality in advertising. Lots of funny ads to watch.
  • Lego Porn
    hello there sir would you like a date!!! PROSTITUTE i am an officer of the law!!! which means THE ANSWER IS YES
  • The Cabana!
    A slice of JQ-flavored life.
  • Find an Image
    Useful, if you're an art nerd.
  • Defenestration
    This is my webzine that I like to pretend isn't dead and doesn't suck.
  • Punk Links
    Another relic. Still works, though I don't know about it's links.
  • What's Inside Jeremy's Wallet?
    Yep, this is the one that hasn't died, despite having been on every links page I've made yet. Old school 'net.
  • Some Random Pics and Such
    An old page with a few random pictures I did.
  • Story Fun
    A neat mad-libsesque thing that MIT has on their site.
  • London Slang
    Explanations for lots of confusing British slang.
  • Wompedy They Might Be Giants page
    Run by Daniel. Nice fonts, too.
  • The Artchive
    Kind of live Find an Image, but sorted by artist. Lots of good material for artnerds™.
  • The Corporation
    Old jollies, kind of like Dilbert but stranger.

    Anime that I no longer care about
  • A Capsule History of Anime
    A so-so history of Anime, from circa WW2 to the present.
  • Archen's Anime Page
    Pretty pretty.
  • J-Pop
    Buy imported shit.
  • Anime Music Videos
    This page has some "wicked cool" music videos, with songs like "I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles)" and "Linger" set to clips from shows like Ranma 1/2 and El Hazard.
    Oh, how sad! It died! But to preserve its awesome memory, I'll leave the link up.