Tristan Tzara was right
As you can see, I have this web page specifically so people who collect Rusty Farm Implements® can find out where I live and come visit me. I bet my sternum makes a handy whetstone.

Ahem. First, the basics.
  • Name: Courtney H. F. Mitchel
  • AIM Screen Name: DrSpatch
  • email: chfmitchel at hotmail dot com
Wasn't that exciting? I bet it was. Shut up.

Anyway, I hail from the 'Nati, deep in the heart of the midwest (the heart of it all, in fact). One day I will escape, and you will all have reason to fear me. Bwahahahaha... I mean, wheeeeeeeee. Yes.

I went to a private, all-girls Catholic high school, and yes, I liked it, and no, not everyone is a slut/lesbian/Britney Spears. In fact, the average girl was too busy doing homework to have sex/madly pining for boys/hadn't showered in a week.

Three things make life bearable: friends, art, and lots of other stuff. Art is what I like to call music, literature, and pretty pretty pictures. Lots of people like music, and most of those people like to compare the music they listen to, so here's a brief list of baaaands that I like and can think of off the top of my head:
  • actionslacks
  • alkaline trio
  • beat happening
  • björk
  • the cure
  • the dead milkmen
  • depeche mode
  • the faint
  • frente!
  • green day
  • harvey danger
  • jackson 5ive
  • jawbreaker
  • kings of convenience
  • kraftwerk
  • nirvana
  • pain
  • the promise ring
  • jill sobule
  • the smiths
  • super furry animals
  • they MIGHT be GIANTS
  • rufus wainwright
  • white town
And some of those weren't even bands!
There are other things that I would tell you, but I do not necessarily know you so well. So no more personal information for you.