Welcome! If you are currently enjoying your stay here on planet Earth, I advise you to move on. However, if you are disgusted with the current situation and desire nothing more than the destruction of this miserable hell hole, or you think that Ezekial Rage is a really groovy dude, or you have a thing for skeletons, this is the right place.

The Cult of Rage is compromised of two sects: The Order Of Righteous Sisters of Doom and The Brotherhood of Destruction. Every disciple of Rage follows The Book Of Rage, a powerful text full of wisdom and insight. So sayeth the Book of Rage.

Here's one of Rage's favorite tunes, "Everybody Wants to Rule the World", by Tears for Fears. He feels that one thing that sets him aside as an archvillian is his desire not to rule the world, but to destroy it.

Thus far, membership in this illustrious and powerful cult includes:

The Order of Righteous Sisters of Doom

ML Name

Chosen Name


Mother Nuclear Chicken Launcher I


Sister Knife


Sister Brick


Sister Demona


Sister Psycho

Jessica Brady (Redhead)

Sister Wiffle-Bat-Basher

Amy da tigger

Sister Da Tigger


Sister Yaoi


Sister Pestillance


Sister HR


Sister ?


Sister Anarchy


Sister Sandwich


Sister of Darkness and Air


Sister Plague


Sister Wacko


Sister Bitch Slap

Deepu (aka Deepti/ Krishnan)

Sister Deepu


Sister of Evil

Noelle De Guzman

Sister Duh

The Brotherhood of Destruction

Darkmoon Chaosbringer

Brother Darkmoon


Brother Pain


Brother Herring


Brother Hellbringer

Carlos Rodriguez

Brother J&J


Brother Baddass


Brother Sheeplove

If you would like to join the Cult of Rage, write a five-hundred paragraph essay describing what destruction means to you, or you can email me at chfmitchel@hotmail.com. Remember to include your name, your email address, and the name that you want (Sister/Brother _____). Whichever you desire, so sayeth the Book of Rage.

Now, for your own personal pleasure, we present Rage's Chorus Line and backup band.


Click on the pic to visit an awesome JQ site. LesliWeird's JQ Paradise. She drew the pic of The Master Chillin' in the sun. Pretty cool, ne?

An original poem by Heather, the Goddess of Evil.
The Rage of Rage
When he lost his family he lost his world.
It went with the death of a woman and one small girl.
His own world is gone now he believes the rest of the
world should experience death.
Just like his wife and daughter, the rest of the world
should take their last breath.

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