Mommy! Make them go away!

Many things suck.
This is a fact. Most people are aware of this fact.
However, it is a fairly vague fact, and people need clarification.
That's where this page comes in.
This is my list of things that are evil. Things that I do not like. If you would like to contribute to this list, email me at with your peeve. And now, net surfer, read on.

School shootings make the front page, but football's always buried in the sports section, for some odd reason.
Pink inspires passivity. Go find a shopping mall (yeah, I know it hurts). Now go into KayBee toystore. They're always divided into three aisles- far left is games, middle is boys, and far right is girls. The boys aisle looks normal enough, but the girls aisle is a SOLID WALL OF PINK.
Lance Falk/Glenn Leopold
Every see The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest? Season 1=good. Season 2=bad. Guess who did S2?
Abercrombie and Fitch
Ok, repeat after me: "$40 is too much for a t-shirt."
See pink. Lil boys get "Action Figures" that can go do things like conquer the world and fight monsters. Lil girls get a babysitter Stacy who can push a baby in a stroller.
One word: nonbiodegradable. It's frighteningly synthetic. Something that containts absolutely no natural substances and we're drinking out of it. Does this scare no one else?
The Nazi Club's seat of power.
Riley Finn
Why oh why is Buffy dating G.I. Joe? The world doesn't need another Backstreet Boy. I'm glad he left. Angel should kick his cornboy ass. The point of Buffy is that she doesn't need a savior-- she can do it herself.

That is all...for now.
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