Dejeuner du Matin
As translated by Chelsea
ye old garcon
had some coffee.
he didn't spakeon.
he put way too many things into his coffee for it to be in any way heathy
or advisable by the surgeon general
Once again, he neglected to spakeon
and he walked out into the rain (which isn't a really smart thing to do
in general without an umbrella and goloshes and a handkerchief and at
least three small animals in case you get lost and get hungry)
He had a little more of his coffee,
forgot to spakeon,
and after he (although warned not to by Mr. Busemeyer)
wrote a disjunction in combined form,
he was immediately taken to a field and shot.(ok, so that last line was a
rip off of one of Mr. Busemeyer's actual jokes, so I can't take the credit)

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